Why Hamilton Lies About His Tyres | Formula 1 Team Radio Explained

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We've seen it dozens of times - 'Bono - my tyres are gone'. Then Hamilton seems to find pace out of nowhere.

So where does this pace come from? Or is Lewis Hamilton actually lying?

So what is going on with these radio messages? Is Hamilton reacting honestly, could it be a bit of showmanship or even straight up trying to mislead his competitors?

As we know, the radio comms are available to all the broadcasters, so we can hear them during the races, as well as the stewards and also the other teams. And oh course, all of the drivers and teams are aware of this.

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  1. Driver61

    What do you think? Is he lying? Or just using it to his advantage? Thanks to Notion for sponsoring this video! Sign up for Notion here: ntn.so/driver61notion

    1. Caging G
      Caging G
      4 napja

      Everyone Lies in competition, Mate. Wars are won by disinformation....

    2. PermaChoke
      12 napja

      I think hes just being his whiny sandbagging bitchy self

    3. Matt Wagner
      Matt Wagner
      27 napja

      Could just be Hamilton has a high standard for tires and likes to complain about them as soon as they start to fall off even a little? Probably still coded though. Take "tires are dead" and step it back a few steps to "tires are at temp or something like that" and it's probably closer to the truth. "Tires are gone" is probably closer to "grip is just starting to wane" or whatever.


      Maybe he's lying but what if he doesn't know what he's doing and he doesn't know the actual tyres condition in the fastest car? XD

    5. Seth Louden
      Seth Louden

      @J.E.M np ig means nothing to me

  2. caner kose
    caner kose
    3 órája

    He's Trying to be clever! Trying! Or because he likes to complain about Nothing?

  3. Lord_Ranch
    6 órája

    Wait how does one team know what another driver from a different team is reporting?

  4. Dale Mason
    Dale Mason
    6 órája

    Bono-my tires are gone! Lewis its the formation lap, oh yea forgot.

  5. Matthew Clifford
    Matthew Clifford
    9 órája

    He doesn't he just experiences a graining process where he has less grip but the grip then returns and he's fine with it.

  6. mp b
    mp b
    11 órája

    Because his life is a big lie.

  7. Goat Goat
    Goat Goat
    11 órája

    He doesnt lie............ He makes the team push even harder

  8. Andy Parlap
    Andy Parlap
    15 órája

    Just tactics that’s it

  9. Mbogo Kuria
    Mbogo Kuria
    15 órája

    Smart Team Strategy

  10. Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman

    My tyre is gone! I mean it came of mate!

  11. Jason Bassett
    Jason Bassett

    It's gamesmanship

  12. Scott Kozinchik
    Scott Kozinchik
    2 napja

    A little biased against Lewis, @Driver61? “Moaning,” “complaining,” “over-reacting?” Why isn’t it just “communicating with” or “updating” Bono? You also suggested he might be “lying.” Sure sounds like you’re trying to paint Lewis in subjective, unflattering terms for doing something normal, even arguably brilliant and strategic. Otherwise high quality content, but the bias spoils it (except for the Lewis-haters, of course, who love a good bone thrown to them once in a while 😉).

  13. Asfan Ahmed
    Asfan Ahmed
    2 napja

    Lewis is a lier We all know that

  14. Andy Bush
    Andy Bush
    2 napja

    Its getting impossible to take anything Hamilton says at face value.

  15. Jon Lockwood
    Jon Lockwood
    2 napja

    Bono must be the most annoying person in F1 He’s constantly up Lewis ass.

  16. Jill Goldie
    Jill Goldie
    3 napja

    Who cares almost every word that comes out of his mouth is racist bile. He's the most prevailed singled out for special treatment throughout his entire career driver in the history of F1 but somehow oppressed. He's vile.

  17. willismetal
    4 napja

    its the grand trismo skills

  18. Caging G
    Caging G
    4 napja

    Let's talk about Shumi and Senna.. I rest my case

  19. Block Novice
    Block Novice
    4 napja

    The explanation between surface and core temperatures in the tyres made more sense about grip

  20. mpdjr77
    4 napja

    Misleading clickbait title.

  21. Freddie Vazquez
    Freddie Vazquez
    5 napja

    "Bono the tires are dead" "Alright mate see you in victory lane"

  22. Karthikeya Karthi
    Karthikeya Karthi
    5 napja

    How f1 cars boil rubber video is privatized. Unable to watch it.

  23. RTP
    5 napja

    Since I doubt any of the other teams take his "my tires are gone" seriously when deciding on strategy, I genuinely feel he does it because it bothers him that his titles with Mercedes are rated so low and wants to create some artificial hype for his victories.

  24. Andre Michau
    Andre Michau
    6 napja

    Hamilton lies because he is a liar.

  25. Azide Azidoazide
    Azide Azidoazide
    6 napja

    They prolly make adjustments to his whole car via Bluetooth depending on his key words.

  26. Aarunya Paliwal
    Aarunya Paliwal
    7 napja

    Just found this in my suggestions. Great content! Keep the good work going.

  27. Mark Rice
    Mark Rice
    7 napja

    Lewis is so full of it, he's bluffing to the Nth degree

  28. J S
    J S
    7 napja

    It's code. NASCAR has been doing this since the 70s

  29. Yt_lucid
    7 napja

    😂 Hamilton haters all here lol pathetic people. Accept the best driver is black and get a life.

  30. Bill Bill-Row
    Bill Bill-Row
    7 napja

    Have a personal problem with Lewis ?

  31. nii danso
    nii danso
    7 napja

    Just read Sun Tzu Art of War. You will understand the value of deception.

  32. Alex Bramley
    Alex Bramley
    8 napja

    and chipboard is way to go? chap sort out to taken seriously.

  33. Geoffrey
    8 napja

    nice plywood desk man! DIY

  34. Charles De Wit
    Charles De Wit
    8 napja

    Hamfist is a whiner, clean and simple.

  35. fefe fefe
    fefe fefe
    8 napja

    Ive work with mercedes 2 years ago and you are correct that LW is bluffing. Its just the way we work and red bull bluffs too and they know. Does is fool other teams? Some but not all.

  36. Vector X
    Vector X
    9 napja

    you should know about hamilton...he is that type of a guy who says... hamilton : I did very bad in my examination max : how much? hamilton : 99.99%

  37. Maxim's Musings
    Maxim's Musings
    9 napja

    He's a whiner who needs constant reassuring and is creating excuses for why it's not him when it's not working out. That's what.

  38. Boughatii Lovren
    Boughatii Lovren
    9 napja

    Lying a bit strong don’t you think

  39. Rui Oliveira
    Rui Oliveira
    9 napja

    The mind games!

  40. Alin Popa
    Alin Popa
    9 napja

    I came here with 1 questions I`m leaving with 4

  41. Marry Berkouwer
    Marry Berkouwer
    9 napja

    He never said anything about his tyres, but since Max gets too close it is only about his tyres

  42. nanor
    10 napja

    What do I think? I think this was a lazy video. You did not use AI to analyze when Hamilton made the comments versus when he went to the pits. You did not analyze any events in detail. You introduced the video with what seemed promising, but then just kept repeating the same premise over and over again. Usually, a video goes from premise to detailed analysis, not from premise to repeating the premise. DO BETTER! We believe in you.

  43. Robert Henningsgard
    Robert Henningsgard
    10 napja

    Simple: Tire performance is almost the WHOLE game in F1 today. Of course the teams use coded language, and guard the truth about how their tires are lasting.

  44. killercivic2001
    10 napja

    ... or maybe he's a Diva. Like Senna was, but not as ballsy or talented ;)

  45. sean j
    sean j
    10 napja

    "Bono my tyres are gone" actually mean I am saving tyres to unleash later.

  46. David Warnes
    David Warnes
    10 napja

    Maybe lesser drivers cannot run with tyres in that condition, same amount of laps for say botas and he is going backwards ,

  47. nathan highlander
    nathan highlander
    11 napja

    British GP 2021 Bono : Lewis, it's hammer time! Lewis : Literally!

  48. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 52
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 52
    11 napja

    The villain always wears black. Lewis leaves nothing to chance even when it puts others in danger.

    11 napja

    Lol SuperGT included ? Have my thumbs up, good sir!

  50. stephen729
    12 napja

    He wanted his opponent to start pushing once he said that, and the realise they couldn't catch him and comprimises their tyres

  51. Tintoycar
    12 napja

    As the years progress is see patterns, so i have only one word: MANIPULATOR.

  52. Willie McKinney
    Willie McKinney
    12 napja

    Why Hamilton lies? As far as I've noticed everybody is using smoke and mirrors to throw off the other teams and not just Hamilton. And the most obvious is the radio everybody's listen right?

  53. Ed Mu
    Ed Mu
    12 napja

    its been going on sense the time of radios.

  54. Ed Mu
    Ed Mu
    12 napja

    this is the best driver in the world. ppl like to hate . same goes with neymar the best in the world.

  55. King James Bible Believer 1611
    King James Bible Believer 1611
    12 napja

    Lewis Hamilton - Reproved hupac.info/stream/fbi5k6N5gKWZf8c/vide.html

  56. saucy nonchalance
    saucy nonchalance
    12 napja

    i wish teams couldnt hear each other teams … and i wish teammates could talk to each other

  57. Raggin’Canadian
    12 napja

    Maybe he is just really good with shit tyres

  58. r1thou
    13 napja

    Bono, I’m in the fastest car. Bottas is shit so I’ll easily beat him. I can win this race with my eyes shut in this car but I want to be considered as the greatest driver ever, so I’m going to complain about the tyres to make it sound like it’s really difficult to drive cos I am the greatest I’m amazing And if you don’t think so I’m going to cry and whine like a bitch . . again.

  59. Therealsobreezy
    13 napja

    All thise vids you ahve are about 2 years old. Black cars now. Catch up🤡🤡

  60. T G
    T G
    15 napja

    F1 is so over pampered and over rated. They make people think these guys are gods and the best drivers on earth and they simply aren’t. They’re more akin to computer nerds than hardcore racers.

  61. Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts
    15 napja

    I think it’s very easy to give the right info to the pit wall while completely hiding the true message from those outside the team. For tyres, it could be as simple as an understanding between driver and team where if he says the tyres are out of life in a specific way. For example, if the driver says “my tyres are finished”, that indicates the tyres truly are coming to the end of their life, while any other wording (“my tyres are dead” or “the tyres have had it” etc.) means the opposite and is just to confuse the other teams. As long as both driver and team both know in advance of the race, it’s easy. Also, the wording can be agreed randomly on a race-by-race basis so the other teams can’t begin to learn the tell - one week it’s true, while the next week the exact same message might not.

  62. Liam Connelly
    Liam Connelly
    16 napja

    or he is talking code that looks like something else?

  63. Omar Hussain
    Omar Hussain
    17 napja

    I thought teams had some off-air radio channels

  64. Alex B
    Alex B
    17 napja

    Conclusion: just ignore other team's radio messages, focus on the actual facts you have and your own strategy.

  65. Jim Matheson
    Jim Matheson
    17 napja

    Could there be a button that doesn't do anything to the car but sends "telemetry" which is really just a message for the crew?

  66. CJ Mattias
    CJ Mattias
    17 napja

    He just doesnt understand what tyre wear is

  67. zalaiparaszt
    18 napja


  68. jabulani george
    jabulani george
    18 napja

    you made me watch this just to ask me the question at the end

  69. Waltz Chen
    Waltz Chen
    18 napja

    They love reverse psychology

  70. SubBot#99843999
    19 napja

    Probably trauma from his early days where his tyres were actually dead

  71. DadsSkateShop
    19 napja

    Lewis isn't lying. It's strategy and "my tires are dead" is just code that mercedes engineers only know. Tires are dead could mean he needs advice on how get more grip back on the tires or that the tires are literally dead on grip.

  72. InMotion808
    20 napja

    Hamilton is the biggest drama queen in all of Formula One. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this panzie gets his nails done and races in women's panties.

  73. Alex Brown
    Alex Brown
    20 napja

    Just being melodramatic.

  74. Oki_Dingo
    21 napja

    The little boy who cried wolf……now, no one even believes a word he says.

  75. Matt Boodz
    Matt Boodz
    22 napja

    Hes making it seem like it is worse than it is, so he can look incredible for pulling off good pace. Typical baby

  76. Cyborg Badger
    Cyborg Badger
    23 napja

    Tyres Lewis, tyres is what wins races...

  77. Urban Vendetta
    Urban Vendetta
    23 napja

    Because he’s dirty driving trash

  78. Sebastian Woodard
    Sebastian Woodard
    24 napja

    As someone who’s never watched a full F1 race and don’t understand most of the sport (NASCAR fan), this is really interesting to me.

    1. Sebastian Woodard
      Sebastian Woodard
      24 napja

      Though in NASCAR, we see similar things. I guess in NASCAR, we don’t mind so much about other teams knowing what we’re doing because we’re close-quarter racing. The only thing I can think of that’s similar is teams using code words for pit stops, like Brad Keselowski and his team will use “High Life” or something in reference to whatever sponsor they’re running as a code for “pit this time by.” I guess we just don’t care that much about it as y’all do. We’re a lot less refined as yall. If someone’s having issues with grip, you’ll see it as a driver. It’s just a different world of racing

  79. Kirby Rs
    Kirby Rs
    24 napja

    How Formula 1 Cars Boil Rubber - this video unavailable.

  80. joost verschuur
    joost verschuur
    24 napja

    Proper shithousery

  81. bob smith
    bob smith
    25 napja

    It’s very smart, the other teams will listen to their calls think they have an advantage and start a new game plan. Little do they know lewis is bluffing and just made them look like fools.

  82. anirudh rungta
    anirudh rungta
    26 napja

    That's why he is magician

  83. silver and gold
    silver and gold
    26 napja

    It's just code, they know everybody's listening. So very well observed! Red Bull did it also in the last race with Verstappen.

  84. Pieter van Schaik
    Pieter van Schaik
    26 napja

    fuckt it, i was looking for an answer, maybe maybe blabla bla, i did not ask for an lecture about tires

  85. Zurin Arctus
    Zurin Arctus
    27 napja

    He’s done this year, Verstappen 2021 WDC

  86. Zurin Arctus
    Zurin Arctus
    27 napja

    Cause he’s overrated

  87. cj18
    27 napja

    he's a pathological liar anyway

  88. Herbie
    27 napja

    "Tyres"? What's next...spelling color with a "U" , driving on the wrong side of the road and eating with the back side of a fork?

  89. Alexandra Senna
    Alexandra Senna
    27 napja

    Diva Hamilton

  90. Swoon Drones
    Swoon Drones
    28 napja

    Too much politics in racing. Just drive.

  91. Hut
    28 napja

    Lewis is fake

  92. DailyHellzon3
    28 napja

    🤣😂 why does he have to be lying... clearly to throw the other teams off ... he wont gain speed by lying 😅 abit silly to assume he would be lying..

  93. UnHoly GHouL
    UnHoly GHouL
    29 napja

    Of course he is lying. In a time when under and over cuts will win you places and races lying is strategy. Tricking the opponents on strat is smart, but everyone is in on it now.

  94. Cian Ferguson
    Cian Ferguson

    He must be lying.

  95. Therrydicule

    And I though he was making a phone call to Bono from U2 about tires in his garage.

  96. mitchell eft
    mitchell eft

    cos hes a bad silly loser when it doesnt go his way. dont get it twisted and make it complicated now, time for him to follow kimi his path.

  97. Hairy Black Beard
    Hairy Black Beard

    Or Lewis is just a crybaby. Talented sure, but a possible crybaby for sure.

  98. GT1956

    Coded Messages?

  99. Kristi Robertson
    Kristi Robertson

    The elite swiss thoracically produce because pear diagnostically hammer below a pleasant manx. honorable, direful kite

  100. cyclops centurion
    cyclops centurion

    44 lies about his hairplugs too