Bjorn Goes Into Battle One Last Time | Vikings | Prime Video

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After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.

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  1. Amazon Prime Video UK
    Amazon Prime Video UK
    4 hónapja

    For those that have been asking since this clip was uploaded, the song is Snake Pit Poetry by Einar Selvik!

    1. Kamil Ciezak
      Kamil Ciezak
      11 napja

      3 strzały na dobicie - do konca byl soba - a tego nikt nie kupi i bronil swoich zasad - choc w tym przypadku nie jak Polska gdzie tylko obrona - ale tez oni atakowali- poniosł - godna smierc - u nas tak nie raz ale w obronie bylo przez wieki - z Bogiem

    2. Akram Sheikh
      Akram Sheikh
      14 napja

      Season 7 Aayenga Aapka Kya Kehna Hai Mujhe Janna Hai Plz Reply

    3. Alex Kvach
      Alex Kvach
      18 napja

      Сильный брат.

    4. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      24 napja

      @Rossome no Jake Pual is still alive

    5. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      24 napja

      Jake Pual is a bad actor.

  2. SilverDevil
    2 órája

    No wonder Ragnar felt jealous of Bjorn

  3. Escola de Sobrevivência
    Escola de Sobrevivência
    3 órája

    One last charge!⚔

  4. Robert Love
    Robert Love
    3 órája

    Vikings was amazing

  5. Drake
    3 órája

    Everyone Is so white here

  6. davidson jake
    davidson jake
    5 órája

    The eager david partly arrive because lute behaviourally switch across a few fierce roadway. material, military children

  7. Sándor Jarábik
    Sándor Jarábik
    12 órája

    runics on his sword looks like hunic runics

  8. Vladimir Klimenko
    Vladimir Klimenko
    13 órája

    England ohne Fleisch! Очень плохо!

  9. Vladimir Klimenko
    Vladimir Klimenko
    16 órája

    Neandertaler Leben! Поняли!

  10. Vladimir Klimenko
    Vladimir Klimenko
    16 órája

    За Ум ! Взялись ! Козлы современном Мире! Предки не шутят! Мир предки очень серьёзные Люди! Они живы во времени! земли! Даже меня трясёт! От всех!

  11. Алексей Старцев
    Алексей Старцев
    17 órája

    Подскажите,что за фильм?

  12. Kuntal Kanani
    Kuntal Kanani
    17 órája


  13. Sunny Yadav
    Sunny Yadav
    22 órája

    Everytime single time I watch this scene, it sends chills down my whole body. The prophecy about him was right, he became more successful than Ragnar, even got an badass ending.

  14. Emad Etw
    Emad Etw

    I remember Bjorn as little boy working on his father farm feeding the animals with atheistn

  15. Derick_ D
    Derick_ D

    You lied about the soup!

  16. Pankaj Rajput
    Pankaj Rajput

    Which season is this

  17. Cecilie Jensen
    Cecilie Jensen

    The other brothers might have won the battle but he won the war. I have always been on Ivar side but that moment truly showed that he was the true king of all Vikings


    I find it hilarious how they want you to sympathize with barbarian savages. What about the innocent saxon villagers that were murdered?

  19. Dan Charles
    Dan Charles

    Damn, I completely slept on this series.

  20. Craig Bphone
    Craig Bphone

    Been funny if arrow would have stuck in his eye rofl

  21. mathias eaton-pascua
    mathias eaton-pascua

    The fact that a farmer who became earl who became king didn't even want the throne in the first place, he just wanted to travel west, became the most influential person during his generation, and his son, who didn't even really want the title, became the one who united all of Norway

  22. Kersus

    I watch this time and time again, each time with equal emotions and goosebumps.

  23. Dillon Mustey
    Dillon Mustey

    Maaaan that part is sooo cool!

  24. just alp
    just alp
    2 napja

    But islamic historical serial are more far better and real than this

    1. Warrior of light
      Warrior of light
      22 órája


  25. Baron Nashor
    Baron Nashor
    2 napja

    what episode is that??

  26. Charlotte Avery
    Charlotte Avery
    2 napja

    Taking it like a champ

  27. Damião Sérgio Coelho da Cruz
    Damião Sérgio Coelho da Cruz
    2 napja

    Ótimo filme, mas, Bjorn Ironside ter perdido a guerra para Ivar o sem ossos, isso foi de lascar! Quanto ao Floki, ótimo, legal o final do filme... Show!

  28. Clip HD
    Clip HD
    2 napja

    this is scene where show truly ended

  29. Strangethang2
    2 napja


  30. Motu Saranjeet
    Motu Saranjeet
    2 napja


  31. magomed murad
    magomed murad
    2 napja

    Best series ever made

  32. Marcus Tremblay
    Marcus Tremblay
    2 napja

    King of Sweden!

  33. Scout Op
    Scout Op
    2 napja

    People ask the most epic scene in television history i say bjorn Ironside lifting his sword for one last time

  34. Maurice Porter
    Maurice Porter
    2 napja

    Loved this....

  35. Forto
    3 napja


  36. Jana Š
    Jana Š
    3 napja

    why the must make this idiotic "commentary" ? it devastate moment...

  37. Alejandro Ramos
    Alejandro Ramos
    3 napja

    The music........ nothing else to say

  38. pavan shiv
    pavan shiv
    3 napja

    When I m watching this I was there really believe me 😰❤️❤️❤️

  39. KC Deku
    KC Deku
    3 napja

    Cringe deatg

    3 napja

    One of my favorite Series 👌

  41. Kichu Kichu
    Kichu Kichu
    3 napja

    Legendary 🙌

  42. aaron roberts
    aaron roberts
    3 napja

    Sick of this the land is full of idiots even to this day

    1. Warrior of light
      Warrior of light
      22 órája

      The most civillized people on earth and the best place to live*

  43. M2Trappy
    4 napja

    Hvitserk chose the wrong side

  44. ingegnere Alex
    ingegnere Alex
    4 napja

    Эпично , но ведь по этой легенде были умертвлены все , даже тяжело раненные и очевидцев с той стороны не было?

  45. Thibaut Coudert
    Thibaut Coudert
    4 napja

    Gros je vais tous les defoncer qui a fait ça ?

    1. Thibaut Coudert
      Thibaut Coudert
      4 napja

      Faites pas les fous

    2. JnAzA
      4 napja


  46. Thibaut Coudert
    Thibaut Coudert
    4 napja

    Qui est assez fou pour toucher mon petit frère ? J'ai déjà fait le tour d'une cité pour lui

  47. NicK
    4 napja

    This scene is so epic that everytime i watch it,i get goosebumps 😳 😍

  48. TheForceOfAnAncientPast
    4 napja

    ale bajka

  49. Gyôrô-Gyôrô sama
    Gyôrô-Gyôrô sama
    4 napja

    ODIN (with a rock voice) : Ragnar the conqueror and his son Bjorn the emperor. EPIC! YOU TRULY DESERVE TO DRINK WITH ME IN THE VALHALLA !

  50. Илья Воронин
    Илья Воронин
    4 napja

    Хотя б 10 с собой забрал. Стрелы в доспехи попадают. В лицо или шею - две минуты и всё.

  51. Mehmet ÇAY
    Mehmet ÇAY
    4 napja

    This scene is a masterpiece

  52. Spedebo
    4 napja

    Welcome To The League Of Legends spotlight Featuring Tryndamere.

  53. Xufso Sig
    Xufso Sig
    4 napja

    Shi made me cry man i love Bjorn Ironside

  54. Phanish Tripathi
    Phanish Tripathi
    4 napja

    Last kingdom and vikings are masterpieces..

    1. Rayane Faiz
      Rayane Faiz
      3 napja

      But the last kingdom >> vinings

  55. Fla de Alma & Coração
    Fla de Alma & Coração
    4 napja

    Épico... A melhor série de todos os tempos...

  56. Dam Don
    Dam Don
    5 napja

    This is more fiction than planet of the apes.

  57. importpappa
    5 napja

    I loved this series but I don't remember this scene.

  58. miscellaneous
    5 napja

    This scene is phenomenal, the cinematography, the music, the dialogue, If the academy gave nominations to tv series like this one, the would have won 100%

    1. Kurruptedwolf
      19 órája

      agreed, not sure if it would have made it better or if I just wanted to seem him charge and swing one last time.

    2. A1S
      3 napja

      agreed agreed agreed

  59. Pablo
    5 napja

    I love that little touch at 1:41 when you can hear the raven. Odin was calling him home. He truly was Ragnar’s son.

  60. Ser Sergei
    Ser Sergei
    5 napja

    🇺🇦🇺🇦 Kievan Rus

  61. Pranjal
    5 napja

    The greatest warrior of all time...and the most epic, goosebumps giving scene of the series

  62. Sohom Paul
    Sohom Paul
    5 napja


  63. Karan Kumawat
    Karan Kumawat
    5 napja

    The background music is ....

  64. Dean_C137
    6 napja

    There’s only 3 people that can scare an entire army on their own. Björn, Ragnar and Ivar

    1. MMA Elite
      MMA Elite

      King Leonidas as well

    2. beastnotfound
      4 napja

      But bjorn was a BEAST😕😕

  65. Marcelo Blu
    Marcelo Blu
    6 napja


  66. Scott Preston
    Scott Preston
    6 napja

    This just puts me in the mood to start from season 1 and watch this shows amazing journey again from the start

    1. John R
      John R
      4 napja


  67. Runner
    6 napja

    Spoiler much. I'm 4 seasons behind

  68. Paranoia-_-XD
    6 napja

    When the music starts playing after Bjorn gets hit with the first arrow that’s when you know something epic was about to happen🔥

  69. zer0 tolerance
    zer0 tolerance
    6 napja

    А Козловский че там забыл?

  70. bryon mackey
    bryon mackey
    6 napja

    It gladdens me to know that Odin makes ready the benches for a feast. Gets me every time

  71. Peter Enis
    Peter Enis
    6 napja

    Yea this is Epic but i still don‘t understand why the rus lost this Battle. This makes no sense

  72. Conservative Crusader
    Conservative Crusader
    6 napja

    Women fighting like that in battle is so historically inaccurate. But you gotta be woke these days.

  73. News Redial
    News Redial
    6 napja

    It just goes to show how stupid most people are that they think this is a good show. It's truly the worst show I have ever seen. The writing is so bad an the plotting so inconsistent that it is almost unbearable to watch.

  74. Jeuri solano morel
    Jeuri solano morel
    6 napja

    Buena pelicula

  75. l was wrong about everyhting
    l was wrong about everyhting
    6 napja

    I need to get back into this show

  76. Hunter Fanning
    Hunter Fanning
    7 napja


  77. Carter Morris
    Carter Morris
    7 napja

    Kinda wish this was how Vikings ended. Wasn’t super enthralled with the actual ending.

    1. John R
      John R
      4 napja


  78. Hüseyin Karkur
    Hüseyin Karkur
    7 napja

    Bu sahne de ağlamayan yoktur

  79. Jjames Fraley
    Jjames Fraley
    7 napja

    When they think your dead, Divine Rite peaks his head. Long live the REAL King which is loved by everyone because he loves everyone. Just the way it is.

  80. pravin kumar
    pravin kumar
    7 napja

    A great ending for a great warrior

  81. Diogo Souza
    Diogo Souza
    7 napja

    Sua morte foi épico!!! Seria campeã fácil fácil de audiência!!!!!

  82. Manish Bhatt
    Manish Bhatt
    7 napja

    👑👑👑 king

  83. Marcel König
    Marcel König
    7 napja

    I dont remember this scene. I thought he died befor. I didnt even know the battle..... Wich Episode is that?

    1. Amazon Prime Video UK
      Amazon Prime Video UK
      6 napja

      This is from Season 6 Episode 11

    7 napja


  85. giorgos st
    giorgos st
    7 napja

    The most epic scene in the entire series

  86. Aayush Kumar
    Aayush Kumar
    7 napja

    Hail Bjorn Ironside!!

  87. TerrorBelliDecusPacis
    7 napja

    This is absolute pathetic. A warrior would never behave like this. These shows give us the wrong impressions about what they’re pretending to display. This has nothing to do with “historical accuracy”, actually, it’s just idiotic.

  88. Krakatoa Inc
    Krakatoa Inc
    7 napja

    Ragnar and Bjorn were the two best things about this show

  89. Seguenaldo Silva
    Seguenaldo Silva
    7 napja

    Tá botando chocolate pela boca

  90. dragorad ljubicic
    dragorad ljubicic
    8 napja

    please help did existe 6 last season or not please help wher ay watch

  91. Pavel Pesochny
    Pavel Pesochny
    8 napja

    Я КАК РУССКИЙ НЕ ПОЙМУ ЭТОЙ ХРЕНИ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Yes
    8 napja

    Pseudo Hoolywood Wikinger Scheiße

  93. Aaryan Chaubey
    Aaryan Chaubey
    8 napja

    I dont understand what was the need to get shot by three arrows.. Bjorn is one of the most legendary character ever..

  94. Ryuugiri
    8 napja

    for some reason i couldn't complete the rest of episodes after this one (12~20) , no matter how i forced myself to complete them but i couldn't !! this episode is the real last episode to me "" king of kings "" !!

  95. TMO-F-FTM
    8 napja

    song at 1:05????

    1. Ryuugiri
      8 napja

      snake pit poetry

  96. King Deimos
    King Deimos
    8 napja

    The look on ivars face tho he just couldn’t understand what was going on

  97. Petar Vujčić
    Petar Vujčić
    8 napja


  98. Jack Revill
    Jack Revill
    8 napja

    Giga chad!!!

    8 napja


  100. Gaurav Gupta
    Gaurav Gupta
    8 napja

    After Ragnar I love Bjorn more than anyone....!!!!?????