Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
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  1. xano

    I’m literally obsessed.

  2. APL Tekko
    APL Tekko

    Yea I like dis fasho

  3. CriticalxMimi

    she looks like debby ryan in this

  4. Pumpkin

    Love Demi but there is no growth in her art anymore. She plays a victim and that’s dangerous.

  5. Almanitra Chavez
    Almanitra Chavez

    Thank you for sharing something personal ❣️ Ik 💯

  6. Mackenzie Greene
    Mackenzie Greene

    Demi is such a powerful woman ❤️

  7. Almanitra Chavez
    Almanitra Chavez

    Did amazing I loved u since I was 10 only if you knew I’m your bestfriend 😢

  8. Kristy Joy
    Kristy Joy

    Vulnerability is Strength. The raw honesty of her darkness and demons speaks so loudly to a world that’s turned a cheek to a real epidemic.

  9. Asta Is A Beast!
    Asta Is A Beast!

    *I would really like to see Demi and Eminem collab now especially since they both sadly overdosed on drugs and the battles they both face with addiction everyday could produce some 🔥 songs.*

  10. Rachel Burdick
    Rachel Burdick

    I always love demi and I'm glad she accepts what she done and trying to better herself

  11. Eclipse The Wolf
    Eclipse The Wolf

    Omg. This was amazing. I could see your pain because I know how that feels. We’re so freaking glad you’re still here. We love you Demi, you’re a very strong person :) 😌❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️

  12. fabiana luchoni
    fabiana luchoni
    2 órája

    The most powerful message in a video I’ve ever seen

  13. Thays Silva
    Thays Silva
    2 órája


  14. Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell
    2 órája

    Let's go for helping people see that we all struggle 👏🏼. This is the best thing I've ever heard from her

  15. Melissa Joi
    Melissa Joi
    2 órája

    Yas!!! So many years wiser and still do relatable! ❤️👑❤️👑

  16. Sakura Uchiha
    Sakura Uchiha
    2 órája

    Today while listening to the song I admired how you make demi to fall and come back stronger than ever I am always amazed by the strength and faith that you have the truth I admire you a lot no matter what they say I bank on you 💖💪 you are a warrior I love all your songs that they identify me

  17. connie darlene
    connie darlene
    2 órája

    Wow! Great song... many dance with the Devil and sadly aren't as lucky as Demi to get a second chance at LIFE. The sad truth is drug addiction and alcoholism takes the lives of many loved ones everyday=( if you have a loved one that struggles with drug addiction or alcoholism... please get them to rehab get them the help they need before it's too late. It's easier to judge them... disown them instead of helping them... try helping them instead... save a LIFE! Trust me it's harder to pick out a casket than it is to get someone ya love the help that they need.

  18. Tiago Oliveira
    Tiago Oliveira
    2 órája


    2 órája

    No se detengan

    2 órája

    Vamos por más streams LOVATICS

  21. Candy P
    Candy P
    2 órája

    It was really hard to watch without crying. This is so powerful 🥇❤️#1 in my book

  22. Angelika E. Caspillo
    Angelika E. Caspillo
    2 órája

    A real masterpiece 🤩💙 ramdam ko talaga ang message ng kanta 😷

  23. Kauã Lopes
    Kauã Lopes
    2 órája


  24. takebanee
    2 órája

    Demi has a voice of hope and a survivor, she has always been my inspiration of strength. Always praying for Demi and that she never goes back to the past. May God continue to have Demi use her voice and songs to help others. God still loves you Demi. I do too.🙏🏾🙏🏾💛💜💙

  25. Taniya Rainey
    Taniya Rainey
    2 órája


  26. Alisa Walden
    Alisa Walden
    3 órája

    demi thx so much for being open wuth us about what happend

  27. grcngervs
    3 órája

    im not even a fan of hers but I can easily tell you this gave me chills and she is INCREDIBLY strong. my heart goes to her and her family!

  28. Buzzing Bee
    Buzzing Bee
    3 órája

    She has been through so much. It takes a lot courage to publicly talk about you dark past. Stay strong and thrive Demi.

  29. Robert Maldonado
    Robert Maldonado
    3 órája

    Another Demi song victimizing herself. How innovative and shocking.

  30. Rose McDougald
    Rose McDougald
    3 órája

    I love you Demi. ❤🙏

  31. Steph Daigle
    Steph Daigle
    3 órája

    WOOOOW!!!! U have to Respect her raw Honesty and then Turning this around and making a breakthrough song out of it! Mad respect

  32. Sam
    3 órája

    Demi you’re amazing thank you for this video

  33. Macu Kahlo Música
    Macu Kahlo Música
    3 órája


  34. Lavínia P.
    Lavínia P.
    3 órája

    Ela é meu orgulho, nunca te abandonarei, minha rainha!

  35. CapoFPS
    3 órája

    Has no one realised that this song is about her selling her soul and not being able to cope with it?

  36. Janine Geike
    Janine Geike
    3 órája


  37. Thiago Andra Skoldberg
    Thiago Andra Skoldberg
    3 órája

    Accept that you’re not perfect , I mean you are, in your own way!! Accept that everybody make mistakes, don’t let it define you, you are in constant growing. Day by day, you are becoming the best version of yourself, be brave and never stop fighting, the good is coming, fight for what you want and never give up. Be proud of your scars, they remind you that you got here and that you’re strong, your past doesn’t define you, have faith, god believes you and he is proud of the warrior you are!

  38. annette klepadlo
    annette klepadlo
    3 órája

    Stop dancing with that soul sucking dirt bag and run to your saviour Jesus Christ. He's waiting with arms open wide. Taste and see the goodness of the Lord ❤️

  39. Amber Albertson
    Amber Albertson
    3 órája

    Omg 😢

  40. Priscilla I. Adamson
    Priscilla I. Adamson
    3 órája

    This song is so addicting, and I can listen to it on repeat forever.

  41. Naïr
    3 órája

    PODRE. te amo.

  42. Ananya Music
    Ananya Music
    3 órája

    I was running with the devil. #mentalhealthawareness

  43. Chuckodile
    3 órája

    This hits me so hard! My brother is an addict and an abuser. He needs help, but doesn't ever accept it. He keeps saying sorry and wanting forgiveness, but he doesn't ever change. It's truly a horrible hold on someone--drugs and alcohol. I hope one day he comes out of this without hurting anyone--including himself--anymore. But I had to step away because he became dangerous to me. :( I think about him often, and feel like I should have given him more help, but I also know I am killing myself trying

  44. Alexander Castro
    Alexander Castro
    4 órája

    Sigan haciendo streaming

  45. Alexander Castro
    Alexander Castro
    4 órája

    La canción carajo 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💜

  46. Alexander Castro
    Alexander Castro
    4 órája


  47. Alexander Castro
    Alexander Castro
    4 órája


  48. Alexander Castro
    Alexander Castro
    4 órája

    Quien más no puede dejar de ver el video 😭😭😭 te amamos demi #lovaticsworld

  49. Alexander Reese
    Alexander Reese
    4 órája

    I'm crying as a guy who was clean for 2plus years and relapsed after switching mat my fiance found out aside frome telling her (after 2 months clean again) Now ...I'm not sure if I should go back to dancing with the devil. He breaks my body but at least not my soul

  50. C Granado
    C Granado
    4 órája

    These lyrics are powerful.

  51. LwordGal
    4 órája

    As a recovering addict. 4 years clean. It hits hard.i could relapse anytime.i. scared

  52. Demi's support system
    Demi's support system
    4 órája

    a brave warrior and survivor

  53. eyedoughnut
    4 órája

    such a moving hearted singer!

  54. Tamara Ali
    Tamara Ali
    4 órája

    This needs 1 million likes

  55. Carlota Balagones Castro
    Carlota Balagones Castro
    4 órája

    Yo solo digo que a parte de que es el comentario en español que buscabas, tiene en nombre de un fic Larry JAJAJAJA

  56. Mackenzie’s TV
    Mackenzie’s TV
    4 órája

    I litterly cried watching this, this is her story and how all this happened and it’s so crazy how this happened but she made it

  57. Demi's support system
    Demi's support system
    4 órája

    Literally gave me goosebumps! so beautiful

  58. Demi's support system
    Demi's support system
    4 órája

    I'm never getting over this

  59. Demi's support system
    Demi's support system
    4 órája

    My happiness 💚

  60. Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones
    4 órája

    Let's just hope she doesn't relapse again... Its a slippery slope even wealth fame and family can't keep you away from that bullshit. Hopefully she's a stronger person these days and can stay off the crap I don't wanna see in 2 3 months time she's back in rehab seems like she generally is a better person now which is great

  61. lanyah edwards
    lanyah edwards
    4 órája


  62. anh hoang
    anh hoang
    4 órája

    The light era pertinently radiate because lift semiannually cross throughout a wakeful icicle. dark, ratty creature

  63. TheOfficialTaz
    5 órája

    you're so brave demi. i hope you find recovery, i love you and believe in you, you're a warrior x

  64. Amy Bruestle
    Amy Bruestle
    5 órája

    Damn this is some powerful shit right here. Ive been in recovery for almost 5 years and this still hits me just as hard as it wouldve then!

  65. nevaeh medeiros
    nevaeh medeiros
    5 órája

    demi thank you for being such a idol and sharing ur past ik its hard but im so proud ur open and honest about it we all love you very much stay strong always .

  66. Whitnelia
    5 órája

    I have watched this video more than 6 times and every time, I cried.

    1. Akai Ika
      Akai Ika
      5 órája

      I laughed lmfao

  67. Akai Ika
    Akai Ika
    5 órája


  68. Sherif Esam
    Sherif Esam
    5 órája

    I love you so much thank you for sharing your story and for being vulnerable in public, you have changed my life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Kelsie Rutter
    Kelsie Rutter
    5 órája

    All I can say is that you have made something beautiful out of something so hard to go through. Truly inspired

  70. Krista Bates
    Krista Bates
    5 órája

    It’s amazing Demi!!! So proud of u!

    1. Krista Bates
      Krista Bates
      5 órája

      I am nurse too for 22 years I’m so proud u were able to share your store.. as nurse it beyond heart breaking when u see the ones who don’t survive! I’m going to share and pass it on! Ur an amazing person thank you for being strong and speaking out!

  71. Staci Cooke
    Staci Cooke
    5 órája

    This brought tears to my eyes! Wow!

  72. 야스민
    5 órája

    😭 Someone hug herrr ❤️

  73. Indira Solis
    Indira Solis
    5 órája

    I only knew very few demi songs as a kid and I finally listened to all of her albums and they're amazing. The girl has one heck of a range! Now I'm a new fan. Hello lovatics!

  74. Jennifer Nielson
    Jennifer Nielson
    5 órája

    Breaks my heart every time I watch!!!

  75. Amalee Edwards
    Amalee Edwards
    6 órája

    i couldn’t even imagine how hard this video would have been for you to make after watching all your new documentaries this video shows what you explained and is so confronting but so incredible all at the same time!

  76. Melissa Govender
    Melissa Govender
    6 órája


  77. Emmie Overson
    Emmie Overson
    6 órája

    Wow is song is so powerful Demi you are amazing and strong, we all standing by your side. Hope this helps other people in the same situation xx

  78. Lena Langner
    Lena Langner
    6 órája

    That was POWERFUL IN MANY WAYS! just wow... people always critized as if they were perfect but don't want to face or confront their dark past as the way she did, that's another level of growing.

  79. Laila and Pierre
    Laila and Pierre
    6 órája

    This was so powerful😱

  80. Arlette Lozano
    Arlette Lozano
    6 órája

  81. Halsey LeTissier
    Halsey LeTissier
    6 órája

    Girl same

  82. Benito Cañamero Inés
    Benito Cañamero Inés
    6 órája

    la gente que le dio dislike? No teneis gusto musical como para daros cuenta que esto es una joyita?

  83. Cathy Braga
    Cathy Braga
    6 órája

    Love u Demi ! Warrior, survivor forever ❤️

  84. Marie Marie
    Marie Marie
    6 órája

    ok bye i have never got this much chills in 5mins. wow.

  85. Joey
    6 órája

    deserves 100 million views

  86. Kyra Elizabeth
    Kyra Elizabeth
    6 órája

    She’s so strong it takes a lot to admit to addiction ☹️🙏🏻

  87. Mahmoud Elbadri
    Mahmoud Elbadri
    6 órája

    wooooooooooow this is the best song ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥

  88. David Milian
    David Milian
    6 órája

    This is a beautiful way of telling her story. It doesn’t glorify what happened, but still manages to be a beautiful and powerful piece of art and music. Demi did a great job, and I personally couldn’t hold back the tears at the end, when we see her in the hospital surrounded by loved ones. Very deep, powerful and beautiful. A wonderful song as well.

  89. Yuri Albuquerque
    Yuri Albuquerque
    6 órája


  90. David Milian
    David Milian
    6 órája

    I am very happy she didn’t do anything to sort of glamorise the hospital room or something like that. Showing it like it is, rather than what would be appealing in a music video, is very much needed for this type of conversation. It is not cool or pretty. It is awful and raw, and not something that should be glorified, which I think this video does a great job at visualising! Demi is strong for speaking up about this, and I am very happy she is still going!

  91. Alex Grubbs
    Alex Grubbs
    6 órája

    DMX died from his overdose

  92. Google User
    Google User
    7 órája

    She kinda looks like debby ryan in this video in some shots

  93. Royalty Kingdom
    Royalty Kingdom
    7 órája

    This made me cry 😭😭😭

  94. Prabhdeep Singh
    Prabhdeep Singh
    7 órája

    Sis said almost made it to heaven.... like if we don't know she is going to heaven or not.... Girl you are str8 from heaven...

  95. Game Mich
    Game Mich
    7 órája

    "all my songs are backed on my own personal experience" ~demi lovato I don't think I got the wording correct but still something like that

  96. Christopher Armijo
    Christopher Armijo
    7 órája

    Dancing with the devil

  97. Brad Jones
    Brad Jones
    7 órája


  98. your favourite boy SAMMYSAX
    your favourite boy SAMMYSAX
    7 órája

    Oh my days, I've missed her voice 😥

  99. Kayla Playz
    Kayla Playz
    7 órája

    Bro i love how she still is alive that is amazing

  100. Dina Dajani
    Dina Dajani
    7 órája

    Stop glorifying this its not an accomplishment.. been through addiction hell and back its not something to be proud of