369 km/h on the Nordschleife | Lap Record Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo

139 000 Megtekintés 8 M

Through the Green Hell at 369 km/h: Experience the fastest lap ever driven on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

5:19 .546 on the stopwatch Timo Bernhard (37, Germany) crossed the finish line of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife this morning at the wheel of the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo. With this achievement, the two-times Le Mans winner has beaten the lap record on the revered 20.832 kilometre long German race circuit that stood for 35 years. On May 28 in 1983, Stefan Bellof lapped the world-renowned track with a Porsche 956 C in a legendary time of 6:11 .13 minutes.

Experience the myth: nuerburgring.de


  1. sandwedge

    dude... calm down.


    Thats Full throttle.

  3. jonesyterp

    I like to think to myself: “I would be such a great race driver, I’d give up food to be one. God I’d love it.” Then I watch an on board like this one and think: “ I’d be a TERRIBLE fucking race driver!!! What the hell is that guy doing? Is he completely out of his mind!!!”

  4. Purple Edge
    Purple Edge
    2 napja

    i wore my seatbelt while watching this! 😯

  5. Bizzbarber barry t
    Bizzbarber barry t
    5 napja

    bonkers when you watch this then watch a great gt3 car it looks like the gt3 is on a sunday drive

  6. Micha_1977
    6 napja

    Would be interesting to know the time an actual F1 car would need for this lap? Slower? Of course, but how much slower?

    1. DerNutellaBoy
      2 napja

      The official record is 7:04:06 Minutes

  7. Ariel Martinez
    Ariel Martinez
    6 napja


  8. CampFeeling
    9 napja

    Absoluter Wahnsinn, geile Nummer!

  9. Ivs Sab
    Ivs Sab
    9 napja

    The weight of his balls added extra downforce

  10. Michael Michaels
    Michael Michaels
    9 napja

    It's like watching a race in Fast Forward!

  11. Shawn Newsome
    Shawn Newsome
    9 napja

    Transmission need another gear

  12. Francesco Coladarci
    Francesco Coladarci
    9 napja

    GG Porsche

  13. GhostriderTom
    10 napja

    I wonder how any human being can even drive this. I witnessed 7:15 on the Ring and thought it is the end of all things any second of that run. Impossible to go 2 minutes faster :-) Please 919 go to Goodwood and obliterate that ID.R there.

  14. Luke S
    Luke S
    11 napja

    Anyone else notice the rolling shutter effect on the camera when he went down one of the straights? Shows how insanly fast this thing is moving

  15. Carl Estepa
    Carl Estepa
    13 napja

    German track, German car, German driver, German balls of steel

  16. luis montesinos
    luis montesinos
    13 napja

    Muy bueno demasiado diría yo Gracias.

  17. Daniele Ranalli
    Daniele Ranalli
    14 napja

    A terrific Monster car you cant breath absolutely scary . To drive this way you must know perfectly the track and you must have a physical shape like a superhuman to tame that monster car

  18. BlueComet
    14 napja

    My palms are sweating just watching this let alone being behind the wheel. The skill to do this is just incredible.

  19. Grumpy ol' Boot
    Grumpy ol' Boot
    15 napja

    Jeez .. that thing accelerates almost as fast as it decelerates !! - That's nuts !

  20. George Michaels
    George Michaels
    17 napja

    Amazing how much faster it looks by one and a half minutes then a Porsche GT2rs.

  21. Maxwell Castro
    Maxwell Castro
    17 napja

    369 KM / H é lindo de ver... toca demais!

  22. Masami Osida
    Masami Osida
    18 napja


  23. Furi Galdifei
    Furi Galdifei
    18 napja

    timo, halt die hoden steif! saubere arbeit, ich hab mich beim anschauen vollgeschißen, der pfleger kommt erst um 7uhr, und es ist gerade 2uhr morgens! der wird was zu tun haben wenn ich es zwei mal geschaut habe!

  24. wakkythug
    20 napja

    this is scary

  25. pk11
    21 napja

    there are only 2 places or so where he goes (slightly) under 100

  26. go rotate
    go rotate
    21 napja

    If the car would not run into the limiter in 7th gear and would have a 8th gear I think he would have been 2-3 seconds faster.

  27. Mac P
    Mac P
    21 napja

    I'd probably kill myself in that car at the first corner :D

  28. europeanclassics
    22 napja

    No need to say anything about this insane performance... But what bugs me... Is there really not a single negative or stupid comment within these 3 years... That seems more unreal, right ?

  29. Christophe Capeau
    Christophe Capeau
    22 napja

    That driver is a beast!

  30. Craig Cooper
    Craig Cooper
    22 napja

    That is an average of 234 km/hr !!!

  31. Nathan Huisman
    Nathan Huisman
    22 napja

    Delivery driver when you order something with same-day delivery at 23:54

  32. Drake Vargas
    Drake Vargas
    22 napja

    I love this video

  33. Tim Endew
    Tim Endew
    22 napja

    some pro drivers just have what is called tunnel vision, they see the perfect line before it even presented itself. this is the perfect example.

  34. Ludavid9598
    23 napja

    when parents have to go to the airport be like:

  35. jayaline
    24 napja

    Almost impossible that anybody can be so accurate and yet so daring at the same time. You would think only a fool would dare drive so fast at the Nordschleife, yet .... only a genius can drive it so well. So what a man is this, a mad genius 😊👍

  36. Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody
    24 napja

    I wonder is panamera turbo e hibrid does the same boost mechanism like this 919. This activate after using a brake. Bcause i watch carwow and panamera lose drag and rolling race even it have the biggest hp than the other car.

    1. Enemy For Losser
      Enemy For Losser
      22 napja

      to heavy

  37. Mobile Games
    Mobile Games
    25 napja

    Very cool video 😉😁👍

  38. stefano di stefano
    stefano di stefano
    25 napja

    I cant even do this on GT... incredible.

  39. Salino Motta
    Salino Motta
    25 napja


  40. 七色仮面
    25 napja


  41. nucleo
    27 napja

    When your soul and the car throw in together, no one can stop you.

  42. GEMfanatica
    28 napja

    Of course the fastest lap would be a Porsche!

  43. BChoCRNA
    29 napja

    Cool Hybrid! - Nobody

  44. AJeight3
    29 napja

    I’ve looked at this car over a thousand times and am unable to locate the storage compartment for the drivers balls.

  45. Stéphane Pierrejeu
    Stéphane Pierrejeu
    29 napja

    The milletipla should do it in less than 5'.

  46. r k
    r k
    29 napja

    狂ってるよな〜 もはやニュルのラップタイムじゃないんだよなぁ

  47. Martin040171
    29 napja

    369 km/ h ... Wahnsinn... mann muss sich als Fahrer bewusst machen "der Wagen kann das - ich bin der entscheidende Faktor"

  48. kreiseltower

    I found this impressive when it was first released. Half a year ago I got into sim racing and I'm on the process of getting really familiar with the Nordschleife in VR. The more familiar I get, the more stunned I am to do a lap like this IRL. Absolutely INSANE MIND BOGGLING AMAZING

  49. Nilakantha Sadasiva
    Nilakantha Sadasiva

    Pure Genius..endorsed by Porsche!!

  50. nippon19

    Trully an INSANE time, i've see enough video of the Nurb to say he kick seriously some ass !

  51. Kalahification

    "I tell you something: I beat that lap time in a van." :)

  52. Dechsi87

    Nice! But a modern F1 would be even faster without rules!

  53. Daniele Costa
    Daniele Costa

    Le piste di oggi non sanno più d'un cazzo.

  54. whybother now
    whybother now

    Slows down to 280 km/h to take a corner 😂 😂

  55. Aaron C.
    Aaron C.

    the amount of traction around corners that this car has is just fucking unreal

  56. Red Special
    Red Special

    What the actual fk

  57. Kazuya720

    Its crazy how fast this car builds up speed!

  58. Will Ba
    Will Ba

    Would this thing have just bottomed out too much around the carousel?

  59. Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist

    Kako ga cepas jbt

  60. dan cummane
    dan cummane

    Holy shit

  61. Leopold Tintera
    Leopold Tintera

    That LMP1 car is out of this world.

  62. fabien d
    fabien d

    wth happened

  63. Milan Reich
    Milan Reich

    Is this a time machine? Still unbelievable!!!

  64. Smart TechHat
    Smart TechHat

    They speed up the video!!! There’s no such car or driver can do this in reality!!!

    1. Smart TechHat
      Smart TechHat
      22 napja

      @Enemy For Losser okay

    2. Enemy For Losser
      Enemy For Losser
      22 napja

      proof it !

  65. Mont Frypan
    Mont Frypan

    this is not a car, this is timetravel artifact, how the boost is launching it in the half of every curve, awesome tech awesome pilot!!!!

  66. watch maker
    watch maker

    insane machine.....

  67. Francisco Roque F.
    Francisco Roque F.

    so sad Sabine Schmitz is not longer here.. i wish to see her driving that porsche.


    does it come in other colors

  69. Michael C. ateoate
    Michael C. ateoate

    The acceleration from 170 to 285 is simply not of this world!

  70. Ludovic Philippe
    Ludovic Philippe

    If you want to know what's happen in the head of the pilot : open in a new tab youtube video for 'carpenter brut - hairspray hurricane", press play in this video, when you ear the engine, wait 10 sec, launch the carpenter brut song, go back to this video. enjoy...

  71. Robbert Alblas
    Robbert Alblas

    That’s just completely insane. So incredibly fast.

  72. Marian Kolano
    Marian Kolano

    needed 8th gear :DD

  73. dfgdfg gdfgdfg
    dfgdfg gdfgdfg

    everyone is talking about spped, iam fascinated by downforce that keeps that car on track, my fabia would fly there at 140

  74. Arno Nym
    Arno Nym

    The most crazy fast Rodeo ride I a car ever !

  75. John Fraser
    John Fraser

    Mhy wifes corolla is faster FFS

  76. pacific

    so incredibly fast... looks like a video game!! wish we could see a g-force meter

    1. pacific

      @Philipp S I would like at least 6 G's in the corners. Still nuts!!

    2. Philipp S
      Philipp S

      The car can do Up to 4.5-4.8G in Corners. I guess he hits that Numbers :D

  77. derin111

    I literally can’t see that fast!

  78. dionysis daras
    dionysis daras

    ....Patiently waiting for Tesla fans to say that the Plaid is faster than this

  79. Duncan

    This guy doesn't fear death, death fears him.

    1. Ginkoman2

      its kinda sad that they had to edit out the 2 30ton trucks behind the 919 that were carrying the massive balls of the driver.

  80. Toxicx /
    Toxicx /

    his head is nonstop bouncing. much respekt

  81. Raiza Minerva
    Raiza Minerva

    i couldn't even catch up, my eyes, brain & hands coordination are not fast enough to compute and imagine how could i possibly control that car at that speed if you are thrown into that situation at that time, truly massive gap between a professional and normal people, amazing.

  82. Christian Pearson
    Christian Pearson

    I can tell a major difference from the Volkswagen idr from this within the first 30 secs, this is pulling hard lol

  83. Stefano Canzi
    Stefano Canzi

    circuito assolutamente ridicolo, andrebbe forte anche uno Scania

  84. Federigo de la zion
    Federigo de la zion

    nice car, now show me the location of your dealership in XBOX

  85. el barrio de johnny herbert
    el barrio de johnny herbert

    This record is still life for me

  86. Muhin

    Конечно же лайк!!!... Такое впечатление что гонщику, который за рулём , пришло письмо что он остался без наследства от богатой бабушки

    1. Denys 277
      Denys 277


  87. kyle smith
    kyle smith

    The skillful white muhly sin because russia psychologically reach like a alive bookcase. pumped, awful session

  88. Pascal Fabre
    Pascal Fabre

    Autre chose qu'une monoplace de F1 !!!

  89. Aioros Hyoga Garcia Betancurt
    Aioros Hyoga Garcia Betancurt

    Que locura. Ese circuito da miedo. Hay q volver a integrarlo a la F1 es el mejor circuito del mundo

  90. いいなさんさん

    whos driver ? is he woman?

    1. Web crawler
      Web crawler

      no it's Timo Bernhard

  91. Skyler Schaffer
    Skyler Schaffer

    its a god damn land jet

  92. Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    3:23 If you look closely at the center of the windshield you can tell I got too excited from watching this video.

  93. Carlos DeNevier
    Carlos DeNevier

    yep ... but he got hurt on this day. was going out of the car still running 80 kph.

  94. Şaban Seven
    Şaban Seven

    Acayip sürüş. 300+ la viraj dönüyor 90 dan 160 a 1-2 saniyede çıkıyor. Acayip makina

  95. clive hudson
    clive hudson

    Next stop mental health assessment at local hospital

  96. Fred Basset
    Fred Basset

    KPH - bullshit

  97. Jack McLane
    Jack McLane

    That is 4 seconds from 200km/h to 300km/h... uphill into Flugplatz! Just very few people can fathom how absurd this is!

  98. MRC PI
    MRC PI

    Ich guck mir seit 2018 das Video immer mal wieder an... ich verstehe es bis heute nicht, was da abgeht... keine Ahnung... Bergwerk-> Kesselchen ist für mich Mindblow.

  99. Piero Luciano
    Piero Luciano

    Oh great! Now I feel like buying a Porsche! 👍

  100. Natryumchloryd

    When she tells you, she's Home alone: