Imagine Dragons - Wrecked (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Matt Eastin
Special thank you to Caesars Palace

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  1. Sanghiv Basdeo
    Sanghiv Basdeo
    19 perccel


  2. Karthik Renu
    Karthik Renu
    38 perccel

    ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் அவளின் நினைவுகளுடன் angry bird

  3. Petrarka Vlc
    Petrarka Vlc
    42 perccel

    Its a beautiful song… Now Im in a grief and Im feeling this song like own self

  4. West Camle
    West Camle
    52 perccel

    Have you seen this??

  5. Nguyễn Trần Quang Minh
    Nguyễn Trần Quang Minh

    I love who love this song ❤️😘,

  6. eiman affandi
    eiman affandi

    omg i love this song❤️

  7. zioludo

    Un giorno la rivedrai. Non ancora.

  8. Raayan

    Just wanna screammm this songg outt!!!!

  9. Sirait Nick
    Sirait Nick
    3 órája

    I lost 2 siblings, my brother who taught me everything and took care of me when I was a kid and my sister that I took care and grown together in sadness and happiness. And, now I lost lot of great friends due to the covid19... Yeahhh I'm a wrecked...😢

  10. Ari Kurniawan
    Ari Kurniawan
    3 órája

    Grup band favorit gue

  11. DANNA
    3 órája

    I can't stop Iistening this song!

  12. Adri 2021
    Adri 2021
    3 órája


  13. Lollo
    4 órája

    Well, I found that you are back on track with your new songs including this one ... I swear I got excited, I cried, I laughed, I had a series of emotions ... you are the medicine I have to take every day , you are for me the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I urge you to continue so you are fantastic. I love you guys

  14. The Night Stars 🎵
    The Night Stars 🎵
    4 órája

    It’s August of 2021 let’s see how many strong viewers who are listening to this masterpiece

  15. Fire
    4 órája

    Addicted to this song. Best band ever! Have you realised that all his songs are about real life and they are actually strories? Pay attention to all of his lyrics.

  16. danny lee
    danny lee
    5 órája

    Legend are back

  17. BloodBank JiuJitsu
    BloodBank JiuJitsu
    7 órája

    My mom and dad were in and out of my life... my grandmother raised me she got cancer and passed away 6 years ago no one had my back like her and still hasn’t.

  18. Roshan Pandey
    Roshan Pandey
    7 órája

    Imagine dragons never fails to amaze us .. #Legends

  19. Harry Udin
    Harry Udin
    7 órája

    Legends comeback, finally

  20. Chris4v
    7 órája

    Imagine Dragons Deez Nuts

  21. CalamityJane031
    8 órája

    Man, this song has me feeling EVERYTHING.... and it's been 10 years since I lost him. Well done Mr Reynolds, well done!

  22. Cute Cat Studios
    Cute Cat Studios
    8 órája

    And I can sing your songs well

  23. Cute Cat Studios
    Cute Cat Studios
    8 órája

    The dislikes are people who cried and hit the wrong button

  24. toluene21
    9 órája

    powerful-song--powerful-videography - hope-music/real-music that inspires

  25. Abhi Raj
    Abhi Raj
    9 órája

    Remind me someone who was strange.... That I 'd lost in the past. I don't know how much I drown deep in it now....

  26. ds🥰
    11 órája


  27. Alolox
    11 órája

    que bueno encontrar joyas como estas. no como los reguetoneros que se ponen autotune para escucharse mejor

  28. Glacy 47
    Glacy 47
    12 órája

    The beginning of this video: Me when I see my crush:

  29. Gerardo Romero
    Gerardo Romero
    12 órája

    My husband 🥺😭😍🥰😘

  30. VVD
    12 órája

    Something is wrong with People who disliked this song.

  31. Edgard Lopez
    Edgard Lopez
    12 órája

    de verdad muy real esta cancion, a veces no sabemos que nos pasa y nunca no preparamos para avanzar y aceptar lo que sucede; pero a la final del tiempo solo necesitamos es un tiempo mas para ver que paso asi sea un instante.

  32. Robert McClenithan
    Robert McClenithan
    12 órája

    This is closest song I can find that describes how I feel about my wife of 14 years. I love and miss you forever. My auburnbabyblues

  33. Littledreamszzz
    12 órája


  34. Sincere Toussaint
    Sincere Toussaint
    12 órája

    just saying drugs aren't always the answer

  35. Andy McPheters
    Andy McPheters
    12 órája

    this song is powerful it made me think of my dead dog molly

  36. Zaki kermia
    Zaki kermia
    13 órája

    The best of all the time

  37. Leandro Juarez ale
    Leandro Juarez ale
    13 órája


  38. chuffter2212
    14 órája

    Love this song, keep coming back to it even though my loss was some time ago, love these guys. Great track.

  39. Spylight Polska
    Spylight Polska
    14 órája

    This song will be 6 years old in 2 days Nostalgia for thoose people in 2022 This comment will have 2 million Likes in some days...

    1. Spylight Polska
      Spylight Polska
      14 órája

      I dont even know how much I will have but ik i will break my record

  40. Satürn
    14 órája

    Hiç türk yokmuu?

  41. Gleissa Nascimento
    Gleissa Nascimento
    14 órája


  42. Roll Umii
    Roll Umii
    15 órája

    .I edited my comment coz nobody liked my comment ,so nobody knows what I have written first comment

  43. Foxygamer Yee
    Foxygamer Yee
    15 órája

    I can legit relate to this song.

  44. sinem işler
    sinem işler
    16 órája

    Very very nice🤗🤗perfecttt

  45. CYKHO
    16 órája

    What a deep song and video...

  46. Colleen Thomson
    Colleen Thomson
    17 órája

    Awesome. Thanks buddy. 🙏

  47. Az Mo
    Az Mo
    18 órája

    Hapoy legends back

  48. G-72 Nahrin Sultana Nizhu
    G-72 Nahrin Sultana Nizhu
    18 órája

    This is a masterpiece

  49. Ionuț Topală
    Ionuț Topală
    19 órája

    How cool is the music I love the music bravo!

  50. Ale Corr
    Ale Corr
    19 órája

    Senza parole ❤️

  51. Abdul Alim howlader Abdul Alim howlader
    Abdul Alim howlader Abdul Alim howlader
    19 órája

    6 month ago my father died

  52. Abdul Alim howlader Abdul Alim howlader
    Abdul Alim howlader Abdul Alim howlader
    19 órája

    6 month ago my father died

  53. Mahendra Gandhi
    Mahendra Gandhi
    19 órája

    this song deserve 1 billion ❤️

    1. Rishav
      16 órája

      Share a lot

  54. Пітэр пэн
    Пітэр пэн
    19 órája

    Классные ребята. Умеют играть на струнах человеческих чувств

  55. Bijen Thapa
    Bijen Thapa
    20 órája

    May the departed soul of Alisha Reynolds rest in peace

  56. Martin Kimoktoak
    Martin Kimoktoak
    20 órája

    My friend who was like a brother passed away on the day this song released. Wishing it was a nightmare and a dream.

  57. SarPle
    20 órája

    My 21yo brother passed away last year due to overdose.. this song breaks my heart💔 🎶 yeah I’m a wreck since you’ve been gone…😭😔

  58. RudyDaily ✨
    RudyDaily ✨
    21 órája

    Rip alisha 🤍

  59. Christine Brennan
    Christine Brennan
    21 órája


  60. Amarmurun Sunderya
    Amarmurun Sunderya
    21 órája

    i can't believe it has already been 3 years.

  61. JohnDaSaint67
    21 órája

    break up song:)

  62. Random BGD
    Random BGD
    21 órája

    Fresh☘️ as always

  63. Сергій Зощенко
    Сергій Зощенко
    21 órája


  64. Maryam Javed
    Maryam Javed
    22 órája

    Omg imagine dragons are so underrated

  65. Zulfia Gismatullina
    Zulfia Gismatullina
    22 órája

    Sad song, but even sadder are comments below...

  66. CL Manurung
    CL Manurung
    22 órája

    I Love this Song...

  67. Metroid341
    23 órája

    I really love imagine dragons music my favorite song is warriors even tho it was made a little while ago and it's for a game I still love it

  68. Mateusz Okoniewski
    Mateusz Okoniewski
    23 órája


  69. Agniya Kupriyanova
    Agniya Kupriyanova

    Everyone wants to have a good time....but you will not spend time!

  70. Ry Fox
    Ry Fox

    Another amazing song from an amazing band ❤ keep at it guys!!!

  71. Alexander Gerasimov
    Alexander Gerasimov

    Cut the bullshit!

  72. L.M.R

    Sometimes I wish that I could see you one more day! It hurts!!

  73. xLiL xKiD
    xLiL xKiD

    i miss u 🖤

  74. Nina Kopylova
    Nina Kopylova

    as you are, so are you.

  75. Mat B
    Mat B

    OMG master piece

  76. DaYSs

    Legends are getting old :/

  77. Prabhjyot Singh
    Prabhjyot Singh

    Thank you imagine dragons 😊

  78. sam leers
    sam leers

    my grandma died from the same type of cancer about a month later after her so this song really touched me when i heard it for the first time because i was really missing my grandma.

  79. Joshua Jojo
    Joshua Jojo


  80. Effy SWFS
    Effy SWFS

    Oh..This song makes me cried..I feel what you feel.. it's eat you up when you lost someone you love who cared and loved you, someone as good as her..Be strong, man. I wish you the best.

  81. Amir Hamja Shadhin
    Amir Hamja Shadhin

    Imagine dragons and The score never made a bad song's....

  82. Gaurav

    Nah, didn't got imagine dragons vibes

  83. lxmonlime

    When u see ur house in the corner 👁👄👁

  84. Luke and friends
    Luke and friends

    P u r e L e g e n d

  85. Prem Sequeira
    Prem Sequeira

    Dear Imagine Dragons, I love your music, I would love a collaboration with OneRepublic...please? Who else is with me on this?

  86. Qw81

  87. Polly Anna
    Polly Anna

    Forgive me my ignorance, but, who is she? Seems to me she was very important to this band/singer, but i really would like to know why! Anyone...?

    1. Polly Anna
      Polly Anna
      13 órája

      @ImaginationMashups ! Thanks! Omg!! That's sad, really sad! It seems Dan is very close to that sickness, isn't he? He has another video with a young boy, at the end, who died with cancer, also, and now his sister-in-law!! What a karma, poor man!!

    2. ImaginationMashups !
      ImaginationMashups !

      She was Dan's sister in law

  88. Arlene Fields
    Arlene Fields


  89. Hexagone King
    Hexagone King

  90. Thank you Machan.!
    Thank you Machan.!

    wow I feel it 😍

  91. Bohouš Satora
    Bohouš Satora

    miluju život,budu ho milovat,protože sám život je dokonalí

  92. ISH Team - Mechanic
    ISH Team - Mechanic

    my mother died of cancer and u just make me cry rith now , she left 15 yrs ago , dmn this song is a cancer in my blood twoo

  93. Aneta Suhajdova
    Aneta Suhajdova

    This band made me explode myself in tears, this band is extraordinary...thank you guys you are perfect ❤️🤗

  94. Kassemister

    I'll have this place to say sorry to everyone that mattered in my life and I hurt

  95. Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira

    The Best Band in the world no doubt

  96. Victoria

    Talk about goosebumps

  97. Aline França
    Aline França

    nunca decepciona

  98. Divyansh Tripathi
    Divyansh Tripathi