🔴Couple Builds Creative HOUSE - 5 Years in 40 Minutes

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We shot frames for this video for five years, all this time we were building our house and now we continue to equip it. At this stage, we spent about $ 30,000 for the entire house, along with its filling. This cost includes only the cost of materials, since we carried out all construction work independently.
We are a happy young couple Gena and Vita.
We like to build a house with our own hands, so we feel as independent as possible and realize ourselves creatively.
We enjoy making videos and try to make them useful. Therefore, we will develop ourselves and continue to develop this channel.
We have many more construction projects that we will definitely surprise you with.
If you support family values and love to create with your own hands, welcome to our family "CREATIVE GALAXY"


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    *We were able to make this DIY movie about building a house thanks in large part to your comments and the support you showed in past videos. Friends, thank you very much for your support*


      I thought you are Russia🇷🇺, well done bro,

    2. Natalie Milol
      Natalie Milol
      5 napja

      @Infinite Adam Jon szxx.0

    3. Rudens Mara
      Rudens Mara
      13 napja

      I really like how the house looks. Do you mind sharing the house plan? I want to build a house like that for my family.

    4. Athep Umasugi
      Athep Umasugi
      22 napja

      @Norbert Zoltán Szentiványi-Makó 000

    5. lepaintre123

      It's a real delight to observe so much creativity in this video clip. Bravo for the videographer of the team!

  2. DG LYM
    DG LYM
    2 órája

    Where are you from?

  3. DG LYM
    DG LYM
    2 órája

    Sir, you are talented. And you do it with a smile on your face and your whole family enjoys the whole journey. Kudos to you

  4. Alex Sousa
    Alex Sousa
    5 órája

    Just feel like less if a man when I see the crap I should know how to do...

  5. hakan şerbetçi
    hakan şerbetçi
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  6. Lulu Light
    Lulu Light
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    Adorei parabéns 👏👏👍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👌👏👏👏👏👏

  7. grzegorz kowalski
    grzegorz kowalski
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    1. grzegorz kowalski
      grzegorz kowalski
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      Szacun from Poland👍👍👍

  8. Robert Lamm
    Robert Lamm
    10 órája

    So satisfying to watch! 👍🏽 love it

  9. Silence
    10 órája

    How can two people be so gifted with talent? That's beautiful craftsmanship!

  10. Mohamed Zakaria
    Mohamed Zakaria
    12 órája


  11. roberto andolina
    roberto andolina
    12 órája

    I' m happy for you ! You are wonderful ...and your house too !

  12. Sham Yahya
    Sham Yahya
    20 órája

    you guys are inspirational, well done!

  13. Wandering Wade
    Wandering Wade
    21 órája

    In what country is this house?

    1. Wandering Wade
      Wandering Wade
      11 órája

      @CREATIVE GALAXY Thanks for getting back to me. I really like your videos.

      11 órája


  14. Just because no other reason
    Just because no other reason
    21 órája

    You guys are amazing!

  15. Sarah Marchuk
    Sarah Marchuk
    23 órája

    I love this !! Good for you. Have you ever thought about being willing to teach young adults about carpentry. So many young folk could benefit so much from learning even a little about carpentry. You all did such a great job. Your kids will learn as well I hope.

  16. Dr. Peppa
    Dr. Peppa

    they are definetely my favorite couple but... A pyromaniac: AMAZING

  17. John Dick
    John Dick

    Very Nice to see 2 people working for on the same project to complete. The house is very nice and I now I also have some ideas watching this video - Thankyou. Greetings from Canada!!

  18. Pkeel Original
    Pkeel Original

    All I am going to say is have fun dusting and cleaning Those walls!! Beautiful but not practical

  19. HisWordsAreTruth

    This may be the most ambitious and loving couple ever ❤️

  20. Jeff Pugh
    Jeff Pugh

    36:11 what is that white powder? Update: Its Ruskie baking soda to "age" the wood. Nice.

  21. Luka Müller
    Luka Müller

    You are incredible

  22. Abdulrahman Alrajhi
    Abdulrahman Alrajhi

    Waiting for second part

  23. Charles Martell
    Charles Martell

    The negative reactions are from Russians still living in the caves they build 200 years ago. Well done, great work, its a family affair.


    Hy from Romania .you are crazy guys 😆😆👍very intelligent,God bless your family...and bytheway what is your profesional Skil????

  25. Asie Tabaza
    Asie Tabaza
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    I'm a new subscriber to your channel but watched all your build love your work....😍💪 KEEP UP THE POSITIVE VIBES AND GOOD WORK...👍👌

  26. Adrian K
    Adrian K
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    Was that 'larch' timber being "bbq'd?" Looked like it and that's common timber for that. Another ██████╗░██████╗░██╗██╗░Amazingly░░░░██╗░░░░░██╗░█████╗░███╗░░██╗████████╗ ██╔══██╗██╔══██╗██║██║░Amazingly░░░░██║░░░░░██║██╔══██╗████╗░██║╚══██╔══╝ ██████╦╝██████╔╝██║██║░Amazingly░░░░██║░░░░░██║███████║██╔██╗██║░░░██║░░░ ██╔══██╗██╔══██╗██║██║░Amazingly░░░░██║░░░░░██║██╔══██║██║╚████║░░░██║░░░ ██████╦╝██║░░██║██║███████╗Amazingly███████╗██║██║░░██║██║░╚███║░░░██║░░░ ╚═════╝░╚═╝░░╚═╝╚═╝╚══════╝Amazingly══════╝╚═╝╚═╝░░╚═╝╚═╝░░╚══╝░░░╚═╝░░░ job.

  27. Smokey Blinker
    Smokey Blinker
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    amazing house wow loving it.. it be fun to call the insurance and ask them where the fire started lmao

  28. يوسف حمد
    يوسف حمد
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    سلام عليكم 🙂

  29. Follow Funding
    Follow Funding
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    Such an innovative and talented family here. Inspiration to us all. The boat build was also next level stuff. Keep living your best life and following your dreams.

  30. James Long
    James Long
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    This woman....DAMM!

  31. Critical Thinker
    Critical Thinker
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    This family can build anything. Good job!

  32. Esteban Gonzalez
    Esteban Gonzalez
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    he aquí la importancia de tener una familia bien constituida! here is the importance of having a well established family ! congrats!

  33. Vince {not vincent} Magbago
    Vince {not vincent} Magbago
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    hi. hi again. *HI ONCE AGAIN* hi. btw send me a friend request on roblox. My username in *35z_666*

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    визуализация @t

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    Brilliant +++++

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  39. Pedro Zuniga
    Pedro Zuniga
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    Simply AWESOME.

  40. Billy Bunter
    Billy Bunter
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    Fabulous - well done guys, a real family effort - your home is very beautiful!

  41. Adam Bowen
    Adam Bowen
    3 napja

    At 2:32 you see a radient floor going in. looks like the piping is about a foot or more apart and 5 or 6 inches below the surface of the concrete. will it work?

  42. Sean Jackson
    Sean Jackson
    3 napja

    Who disliked this house? Wow... This is a beautiful home

  43. C S
    C S
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    7:08 did you mean to leave that in? 👁👄👁

  44. C S
    C S
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    This couple is cool as shit!

  45. Space Walk Treveller
    Space Walk Treveller
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    Great job, love your work. Ignore the thumbs down, they are just jealous.

  46. Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan
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    You gotta like pickles.

  47. Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan
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    I wonder what they do at weekends?

  48. Paul Pro
    Paul Pro
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    I would love for this guy to build my porch!!

  49. Fox Allester
    Fox Allester
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    Awesome... Just awesome!

  50. miguel Rosario
    miguel Rosario
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    Am i the only one that wants to see the rest of the block? Other home owners have to be crazy jealous they built a millionaire home in a poor neighborhood

  51. miguel Rosario
    miguel Rosario
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    Wow no one going to say anything about boy and girl that look around 7-8 (boy) 11-12 (girl) share a room than the other boy around 5 has his own.. internet is normally way more judgemental than that. Lol

  52. JF Seatern
    JF Seatern
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    Question What are you using on the burned/brushed wood to seal it after the treatment.

  53. Sean Liu
    Sean Liu
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    Once thing that is so unfortunately, it makes this house so outdated, they should design the house with smart home in mind since they build house by self.

  54. Miguel Peiro
    Miguel Peiro
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    Question, why did they burn that door?

  55. Simon Judge
    Simon Judge
    4 napja

    Congratulations Gena and Vita, what a beautiful house! Thank you for making such a fun video of the whole 5 year process.

  56. David Vanmeter
    David Vanmeter
    4 napja

    The most impressive thing with all of their LONG amazing projects is their relationship. I cant even do the dishes with my wife and leave still speaking to each other. This is beyond anything I can imagine doing!!

  57. Walter Vas
    Walter Vas
    4 napja

    And I thought I was handy, this guy is a genius.

    1. Pkeel Original
      Pkeel Original

      @Arian Duran plus those walls aren't remotely feasible. They cannot be dusted or cleaned very easily, that is for sure. And untreated they will age relatively quickly

    2. Arian Duran
      Arian Duran

      Not hating , but. Genius don't use hot glue guns. 😂 liquid nail i could pass on walls but hot glues .. Everything was great ! hot glue killed it..

  58. Jesper Hansen
    Jesper Hansen
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    Ferk! I wish I had a fraction of their energy. Amazingly nice work. So many great ideas.

  59. Joseph Hamelin
    Joseph Hamelin
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    Awesome job you all!

  60. HECTOR
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    39:10 glue stick works only for few days!! then you will collect one by one peace of wood from your wall

  61. aldrin pagunuran
    aldrin pagunuran
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    You guys are inspiring...

  62. Raifsevrence
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    There are a lot of impressive things on HUpac. This is right up there with the best of them. Everything about this is fantastic from the frugal way you reused materials to the self reliance of building every possible aspect of the project yourselves. You have a remarkable skill set. My favorite thing is the wall you made for the master bedroom. That wall is gorgeous. I love the whole house, but that wall in particular is great. The kitchen is great too. Pull out drawers for storage under the counters instead of cabinets you have to squat down and reach in to ? What a great idea. Wait, what ?! No way ! You did custom wood paneling for the entire living room wall ? Thank you for documenting your home building experience and sharing it with the world. I really enjoyed this video.

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    Cesar Daniel Lopez
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    J.A.E Digital
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    Alberta Eyram Agbedozah
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    This has got to be the best video ever🙌🙌

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    Silas castro
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    Só quem já construiu a própria casa sabe do orgulho que isto nos dá! Parabéns para o casal!!!

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    Claudiomir Canan
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    Impressionante. Trabalho Maravilhoso! Parabéns!

  69. Human
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    What country is this?

    1. Human
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      Awesome work!

      4 napja


  70. About Gaming
    About Gaming
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    I need a couple like this

  71. wolfan
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    Beautiful video and eaditing i couldn't skip parts of it.

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    Glenn Friedman
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    Not one single tiny mistake in 5 years?

  75. Cristian Armaselu
    Cristian Armaselu
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    I have remodeled all by myself two houses, the previous and the current one, all bathrooms from studs, all the floors, repainting and everything and I know much work there is but I'm nowhere close to what you guys accomplished together. Congratulations!

  76. 旬不詳
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    sorry for you but you must have a translater i am just a little frennch hihi j adore vos vidéo cela fait plus d un an que je regarde et franchement je me regale continuez

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    Pontus Brolin
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    WOW and R.E.S.P.E.C.T from Sweden :) New to the channel and I love the creativity, family love and joy you guys bring.

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