Sebastian Vettel Flirting Compilation

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Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel has always been a flirt, here's a compilation of just some of the times he turned on the charm. Featuring reporters such as Lee McKenzie and fellow drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen, Charles Leclerc and David Coulthard.

0:00 - Lee McKenzie Red Dress
0:14 - Lee McKenzie Phone Number
0:54 - Lee McKenzie "...amazing lover"
1:05 - Natalie Pinkham
1:08 - Rebecca Clancy
1:27 - Grid Girls
1:38 - Lewis' Wingman
1:55 - Lewis Hamilton Pure Magic
2:16 - Lewis Hamilton Pretty Handsome
2:30 - Kimi Räikkönen Handsome
2:56 - Kimi Räikkönen Holding Hands
3:05 - Charles Leclerc "you have beautiful eyes"
3:34 - David Coulthard Kiss
3:51 - Bad Boy Gets the Prom Queen


  1. Vettel5
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    TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Lee McKenzie Red Dress 0:14 - Lee McKenzie Phone Number 0:54 - Lee McKenzie "...amazing lover" 1:05 - Natalie Pinkham 1:08 - Rebecca Clancy 1:27 - Grid Girls 1:38 - Lewis' Wingman 1:55 - Lewis Hamilton Pure Magic 2:16 - Lewis Hamilton Pretty Handsome 2:30 - Kimi Räikkönen Handsome 2:56 - Kimi Räikkönen Holding Hands 3:05 - Charles Leclerc "you have beautiful eyes" 3:34 - David Coulthard Kiss 3:51 - Bad Boy Gets the Prom Queen

    1. Risky Risky Wiggy Wiggy
      Risky Risky Wiggy Wiggy

      Sorry, who gave you my number?

    2. Sci C-323 Sahil Gurav
      Sci C-323 Sahil Gurav

      Thanks man I didn't understand the charles one but thanks to u ik now ❤️

    3. ria mincks
      ria mincks

      Lols so basically mostly Lee and Lewis 😂

    4. NW160

      @Someone That's okay I wasn't targeting at you lol

    5. Just Us
      Just Us

      @Caramel Shoes ikr

  2. 100MPH Selfies
    100MPH Selfies
    10 órája

    1:13 too bad the didn't show Seb eyebrows flick after his reply. It made it 10x funnier imo.

  3. HSR_88

    2:30 Well yea Kimi aged like fine wine

  4. Josh Allen the GOAT
    Josh Allen the GOAT
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    Better not let Twitter see this video.

  5. Brady Reiner
    Brady Reiner
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    “what are your plans😏” cheeky seb

  6. Raúl Acuña
    Raúl Acuña
    7 napja

    LewisXSeb Title Fight: ❤❤❤❤❤❤ LewisXMax Title Fight: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  7. Siomai Ethan
    Siomai Ethan
    7 napja

    He’s like an awkward 8th grader trying to flirt, but flirts better with the boys.

  8. Luis Perez
    Luis Perez
    8 napja

    I'm surprised he hasn't been cancelled

  9. Megi Meskhi
    Megi Meskhi
    9 napja

    His genuine anger over not having grid girls is sending me lmao

  10. malcis55
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    1:21 Press over and over again and listen to Max.. :D

  11. donvasea
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  12. Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas
    11 napja

    Seb is something special on the F1 grid, we'll miss him when he's had enough. A sense of humour like his doesn't come along in F1 very often - and he's German! Lando looks like he's taking over the baton though...

  13. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones
    14 napja

    Was Vettels goal in his early career just to hit on every chick in the paddock? 😂

  14. Crystian Iriarte
    Crystian Iriarte
    16 napja

    Màs funao que el cesarito

  15. Tomos R
    Tomos R
    17 napja

    The second clip was exactly what my mates did when they found out that I liked a girl

  16. Hendrie Kelder
    Hendrie Kelder
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    What are your plans? Lmao

  17. reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube
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    Shits great

  18. Cars And Rentals
    Cars And Rentals
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    I would flirt with lee as well who wouldn’t

  19. Milena Kaderzawek
    Milena Kaderzawek
    20 napja

    Bi husband energy

  20. donvasea
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  21. dragonage200
    22 napja

    “Fuck, you go there and you park behind George or Dave? I mean, what’s the point” 😂 he gets it

  22. Emiliano Sosa
    Emiliano Sosa
    23 napja

    1:42 this hand make the moment a classic

  23. Emiliano Sosa
    Emiliano Sosa
    23 napja

    The bi energy of this man is awesome hahaahaha

  24. NA Gaming
    NA Gaming
    24 napja

    Nice guys finish last, exactly sebastian, I want the badass back again.

  25. George Georgiev
    George Georgiev
    24 napja

    I now know that Lee McKenze got it from him.

  26. Meagan Hilleary
    Meagan Hilleary
    24 napja

    Lmao the very end “Congratulations, now moving on quickly”

  27. Mindaugas Mazrimas
    Mindaugas Mazrimas
    25 napja

    This dude is dancing on thin ice in the middle of the MeToo movement and i fucking love it ;D Balls of steel to say some of that shit on TV

  28. T
    27 napja

    i thought maybe he was gay...

  29. erivan souza dos santos
    erivan souza dos santos
    29 napja

    Sebastian é top ..

  30. KayCie Staples-Draggoo
    KayCie Staples-Draggoo

    Sebastian Vettel; the real smooth operator?

  31. bexie1989

    1:41 The arm of "NO SEB STOP TALKING"

  32. Aashvika Negi
    Aashvika Negi

    "Bad guys get to take the prom queen home" -Sebastian Vettel

  33. Buster

    0:42 The question needs to be asked... WHY IS EDDIE JORDAN WERAING A DRESS?!?!

  34. Sam Garncarz
    Sam Garncarz

    he's just such a sweetie

  35. Hálio Garcia
    Hálio Garcia


  36. nvt nvt
    nvt nvt

    He tried so hard with Lee Mckenzie can't blame him.

  37. Ronald Grey
    Ronald Grey

    He still is one of the funniest on the grid.

  38. Victor Mejia
    Victor Mejia

    We miss you at Ferrari. You are gold Vettel.

  39. Daksh


  40. ratkinzluver33

    His charms even worked on Kimi. A true master.

  41. Willy Hwang
    Willy Hwang

    you wait all day and you park behind george and dave, what's the point, LOL

  42. Aashvika Negi
    Aashvika Negi

    Im watching this video for the zillionth time. I just adore Seb.


    The red dress seb was…………….. XD

  44. simon toon
    simon toon

    Gold dust

  45. Strongboy 72
    Strongboy 72

    Damn i think Vettel has it bad for Lee McKenzie.

  46. koz_von

    0:24 That aged well didn't it?

  47. Rajit Sarma
    Rajit Sarma

    and they say Germans dont have a sense of humor

  48. The Irishman
    The Irishman

    Hey Sebastian leave Hamilton alone..he's a miserable git

  49. Ali Dampied
    Ali Dampied


  50. Genode

    1:42 who is the guy who puts vettels hand down? and why? xD like a father teaching his kid when to stop talking sh*it

  51. The Deflektor
    The Deflektor

    0:14 So this is who gave his number to the woman on the radio at Baku

  52. Claudia Reina
    Claudia Reina

    Seb: Du hast schöne Augen Charles: du nast schune hagen Seb: hmm 🤔

    1. Jake Martens
      Jake Martens

      Du hast baby du hast

    2. LastenSetä

      @J. Felix You have beautiful eyes

    3. LastenSetä

      I am very glad that I actually undertood what it means since I did study Germany for a year but haven't really used the language for 2 years now.

    4. C9_Beast


  53. Jackie Holley
    Jackie Holley

    Alright I see we got a James Hunt wanna be over here 🤣😂

  54. WaiGee


  55. Tristan Ellis Gaming
    Tristan Ellis Gaming

    He’s so freaking bisexual

  56. Porto Fellaz Records
    Porto Fellaz Records

    I Love Seb and hamilton

  57. Jennifer Frey
    Jennifer Frey
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  58. grayflicks
    2 hónapja

    Like em or not, but F1 was better when we had a fun and winning Seb. Just like we’re going through now with Danny Ric.

  59. 1k challenge with 0 video
    1k challenge with 0 video
    2 hónapja

    Lol Typical Seb: *flirting Typical Lewis: *Wins in tip-top pole position Typical Max: *Tryna beat Lewis and get all of the girls back Typical Kimi: *......

  60. Martin
    2 hónapja

    Lewis and seb is underrated

  61. Roshane Morgan
    Roshane Morgan
    2 hónapja

    Seb and Lew have the best relationship

  62. Tubleros
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    Best personality on the grid.

  63. Mayo
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    He was only giving Charles advice on how to get German Babes

  64. Vikingfr94 Gaming
    Vikingfr94 Gaming
    2 hónapja

    Vettel the only guy who can get a full conversation and a smile from kimi speaks volumes about sebs personality

    1. Carlos Davila
      Carlos Davila
      7 napja

      have you seen him with Gio?

  65. お拖把茶
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    😂😂😂😂😂 This guy is a character.

  66. MCol
    2 hónapja

    The brotherly love woth Vettel and Hamilton is as strong as Lando and Carlos

    1. PyHubs and CodinUser
      PyHubs and CodinUser
      22 napja

      @Raguram no less than calardo forme

    2. Raguram
      2 hónapja

      It's even more

  67. Reggie-Jay
    2 hónapja

    It’s shocking how he doesn’t blush and Can keep a strong face

  68. iamcooldontyouthink
    2 hónapja

    why he flirt not me

  69. Shyanne Hoffman
    Shyanne Hoffman
    2 hónapja

    Why was someone grabbing sebs arm while telling the Russian girls to sit?

  70. Jamie
    2 hónapja

    "What are your plans?" Best ever 😂

    1. stevegek

      Max's reaction is gold too there when he gets it hehe.

    2. Red Alert 1 Mafia
      Red Alert 1 Mafia

      its like joey from friends sayin, HOW YOU DOIIIIIN?

    3. poladius
      2 hónapja

      It's almost like Joey's "how you doin?" :D

  71. t1naftore
    2 hónapja

    that kimi hand touch was ultra sus

  72. miranda strickland
    miranda strickland
    2 hónapja

    Alternate title: “Sebastian Vettel being bisexual for 4 minutes and 23 seconds”

    1. Missouri Re sole
      Missouri Re sole

      The hand with Kimi imaooo

    2. Regan Louise
      Regan Louise
      2 hónapja


  73. George
    2 hónapja

    I like how balf is just random people in the paddock and the other half is Lee McKenzie

  74. Kurt M
    Kurt M
    2 hónapja

    The amount of times Lee turned him down 😂

  75. Lolo C
    Lolo C
    2 hónapja

    I think there is so many tv speach about his carrera but a few less about that moments... I didn, t saw that when he was a champion, and now i really like Seb, he, s a nice personality driver and person, hope he get happy wherever he go, and susbcribe to show us that way of Seb, thank you

  76. Stephen Wright
    Stephen Wright
    2 hónapja

    Seb can be pretty funny I have to say...I remember this confident Seb I hope he gets his mojo back...

  77. jay richardson
    jay richardson
    2 hónapja

    I thought he was meant to be a prick but he seems like a proper lad

  78. Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman
    2 hónapja

    Lee McKenzie is a stunner tbf

    2 hónapja

    Man's got a wife but still flow like as if he got style

  80. Whiskey Scene
    Whiskey Scene
    2 hónapja

    The only reason Seb and Lewis like each other that much is that they've never been in the same team... Good for them :)

  81. Berta Martin
    Berta Martin
    2 hónapja

    i honestly think that hamilton and vettel actually really like each other😃

  82. Danie Bedes
    Danie Bedes
    2 hónapja

    Add bottas and seb flirting too

  83. What seek ye
    What seek ye
    2 hónapja

    This video is a smile machine 👌🏾

  84. Sanat P
    Sanat P
    2 hónapja

    2:27 , Charles doesn't seem too amused

  85. Lastname Firstname
    Lastname Firstname
    2 hónapja

    Kinda funny how F1 put a lot of women OUT OF WORK while bringing ''EQUALITY'' by scrapping grid girls I remember a bunch of models that worked as gird girls being pissed as hell about it.

    1. Bandit
      25 napja

      Right. It’s not like they are forced to do it at gunpoint, they are paid and can quit when they please and it’s not necessarily hard. I guess equality is using a monster dildo on onlyfans for pay and not looking pretty at a racetrack

  86. Thorus Xth
    Thorus Xth
    2 hónapja


  87. fragmegrowler
    2 hónapja

    I’m a Hamilton fan, I hated Vettel. But the respect they have for each other made me totally come around to Vettel. He’s a great guy.

    1. Maike Engel
      Maike Engel
      13 órája

      He was always nice why hate him in the at all

  88. BanditBlu 1776
    BanditBlu 1776
    2 hónapja

    I miss this Vettel

  89. Wizzkidwas
    2 hónapja

    The bi champion

  90. Peet Morris
    Peet Morris
    2 hónapja

    I mean, who *doesn't* fancy the beautiful Lee McKenzie!?

  91. BEN 2017
    BEN 2017
    2 hónapja

    not bruce lee

  92. Frederic Nasuti
    Frederic Nasuti
    2 hónapja

    Long time we didn't see Sebastian Vettel that happy

  93. Priyam Gupta
    Priyam Gupta
    2 hónapja

    I think Seb`s Ferrari days were like Max`s Redbulls days now. They know they don`t have a competent enough car to win. They are maximizing the performance and are happy with that. Hope Max`s don`t end like Seb`s

  94. Jacopo Niutta
    Jacopo Niutta
    2 hónapja

    Damn, I miss this happy Seb...

  95. Anuj Sarode
    Anuj Sarode
    2 hónapja

    What do we have to do to get this guy again on the podium!!!!!

  96. anonim
    2 hónapja

    He can be a comedian after retirement

  97. kennyj851
    2 hónapja

    Smashing guy!

  98. Alan Angcao
    Alan Angcao
    2 hónapja

    The Evolution of Sebastian Vettel: From Lee McKenzie to Lewis... 🤣🤣🤣

    1. morty the alien
      morty the alien
      2 hónapja

      both are girls.

  99. John Sekhar
    John Sekhar
    2 hónapja

    I miss this Seb

  100. ริน ทัดแก้ว
    ริน ทัดแก้ว
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