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This is one of my favorite scenes from Amadeus. It is rare for a film to have two actors be nominated for the same award. Thomas Hulce eventually lost to F. Murray Abraham at the Oscars, but there is no denying that both gave outstanding performances.

It was said that the real Mozart had a very childlike laugh which Hulce does his best imaginative version of. The laugh is so jarring and out of the blue that it catches the Emperor off guard twice.

Mozart is either arrogant or socially unaware because he insults Salieri multiple times. As Mozart plays Salieri's little march and notes "the rest is just the same, isn't it?" you can see how maligned Salieri felt. Then to top it off Mozart declares "that doesn't quite work, now does it?" and then proceeds to take Salieri's tune and add embellishments and improvisation such that Salieri can only look on in jealousy mixed with resentment.

Salieri's jealousy and contempt for Mozart is best summed up with the line "Grazie, Signore..." as he looks up at the crucifix.

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  1. Elsa Anna Arendelle
    Elsa Anna Arendelle

    The emperor butchered Salieri's piece, but Mozart was able to play it perfectly by only hearing it and then improvising the melody... "the rest is just the same, isn't it?" Mozart so innocent in his behavior he doesn't realize how insulting he is LOL

    1. HAX
      4 órája

      Ikr 😂😂😂

    2. Quentin Vanwets
      Quentin Vanwets
      5 órája

      In reality it wasn't improvisation at all, Mozart had composed it. In the movie, you can see Salieri going to Mozart's home and stealing the music sheets. It's the scene before this one I think. Moreover, the composition you hear IS actually " Non più andrai ". It is available in a " lyrical " version.

    3. Austin Scheffelmaer
      Austin Scheffelmaer
      18 órája

      @Fred Zoidburg not everyone can do it. Especially this well and with this little effort and while also seeming as if you’re barley even trying. It’s definitely not as simple as putting a block on top of another block. As a musician trust me, it isn’t just “that easy” and not everyone can do it like this

    4. Dom Paul
      Dom Paul

      I think it was fully intentional here, as later during the party scene, Mozart “imitates” Salieri by playing the piano in a foolish manner n off key while making baboon faces lol but I do like to believe most of his other actions were innocent while arrogant.

    5. Health, Weight & Growth
      Health, Weight & Growth
      3 napja

      @tim johnson I can never get tired of this movie. It’s perfect

  2. Faruk Ç. Dindar
    Faruk Ç. Dindar
    5 órája

    Why Mozart hate italians? :) Vivaldi is first great composer all time!

  3. Felih Kitten
    Felih Kitten
    5 órája


  4. Camo_Cookie
    7 órája

    People’s senses of themselves from this time period freak me out.

  5. killervacuum
    13 órája

    this was before anyone had considered the idea of NOT wearing a stupid fucking hat

  6. Nacho Libre
    Nacho Libre
    14 órája

    Salieri's constant look of contempt and despise is understandable. After all, wouldn't you be mad, if you were made to dress up like a nun who left the sisterhood, and married a man, who passed away the eve of your wedding, rendering you a widow.

  7. Jesse Stirling
    Jesse Stirling
    15 órája

    One of my favorite scenes in cinematic history. Not only entertaining and beautifully shot; but so much character advancement, plot development and foreshadowing all unfolds naturally in just a few minutes.

  8. Francisco Macías
    Francisco Macías
    18 órája

    Escuchar a Mozart, estimula el cerebro...lo veo, lo escucho y apenas lo creo...

  9. Jamison Orten
    Jamison Orten
    19 órája

    Mozart was the Victorian Elton John; just a straight up rockstar.

  10. Pablo García
    Pablo García
    20 órája

    Does this piece has a name?

  11. William Caspare
    William Caspare
    20 órája

    Look!It’s Mr.Rooney!

  12. YeetKing
    21 órája

    I remember being showed this in music class

  13. Gledson Castro
    Gledson Castro
    21 órája

    Fabolous, this is my favorite part of this movie!! Funniest!!!

  14. Raymond Perales
    Raymond Perales
    21 órája

    Damn I love it, lmfao.

  15. buda budich
    buda budich
    23 órája


  16. The Donahue Twins
    The Donahue Twins

    The two main leads are just absolutely talented!!! This movie is definitely one for the ages. I wish it would get more appreciated by this generation.

  17. Marius James Adam
    Marius James Adam

    It's still so weird as an Austrian to see non-Austrians portraying our best composer. There's so many films and documentaries about him, but this is the one that most ppl know. Most ppl in Austria actually never saw this movie.

  18. Martin Semkat
    Martin Semkat

    Proof that Mozart was a descendant of a dog: 3:27 - 3:30 Play it in a loop if you have doubts.

  19. BobEvans

    Movie is unavailable to watch in my location....??? but im 'murican!!!! come on Prime..


    That laugh is more insulting 🤣🤣


    Great scene. Thanks for posting. Re your video title, Mozart didn't _play_ it better than Salieri; we never hear/see Salieri play it at all. Of course, Saliery did compose it, and so Mozart re-imagined/revised it-played a variation on the original. Beyond that, to say which is better (the original or Mozart's riff thereon) is a matter of opinion, not fact; each has its musical merits. BTW, this otherwise excellent movie takes a number of artistic liberties and thus isn't exactly historically accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt.

  22. MICR0 D0T
    MICR0 D0T

    Absolute mad lad

  23. MrBar9

    Jesus, watched this by coincidence, now I just have to see the movie haha

  24. kayo♥️


  25. matin dossty
    matin dossty

    What is the name of this movie?

  26. Nikajin Pusno
    Nikajin Pusno

    Mozart actually just incorporated some parts from his “marriage of Figaro” into Salieri’s march. I recently listened to Liszt’s piano transcription of Figaro and was surprised when I heard the exact parts that Mozart plays in this scene.

  27. Gašper Slak
    Gašper Slak

    Ah yes, the OG catboy who also randomly had a scat fetish

  28. Tommy Oregon Adventures
    Tommy Oregon Adventures

    I will play my last keys before I die from COVID....Rest in peach Mozart!

  29. Will Ramhorn
    Will Ramhorn

    The guy who played the king dude or whoever he was is the dean of students In Ferris buellers day off, don’t know why I decided to announce that everybody probably already knows but that’s hilarious

    1. Old Guy Gaming Network
      Old Guy Gaming Network

      He was also in Deadwood as the newspaper reporter.

  30. Dale Moore
    Dale Moore

    Mozart was deaf

    1. Dale Moore
      Dale Moore

      @Old Guy Gaming Network he was going deaf as well due to stds

    2. Old Guy Gaming Network
      Old Guy Gaming Network

      I thought that was Beethoven?

  31. Michele Lupo
    Michele Lupo

    Grazie Signore… ah ah

  32. homer5802

    If they had electric guitars and amplifiers, he would have been a rock star.

  33. moshuajusic
    2 napja

    I preferred Salieri's tune and thought it "worked" better (I know, I know) 😅🥴

  34. Pablo Iranzo
    Pablo Iranzo
    2 napja

    Best film of the 80´s.

  35. Titi diz
    Titi diz
    2 napja

    Mozart never had that laugh.The only true thing in there was that Mozart was a genius whose music withstood the test of time.

  36. Aditya Jha
    Aditya Jha
    2 napja

    Dude they made one of the greatest musicians as Spongebob.

  37. edgalaxie
    2 napja

    I took a class at my alma mater, University of Colorado at Boulder, in late '86, called: "Amadeus and the real Mozart." Holy cow! Did I learn a lot! I already appreciated classical music, but I also acquired an appreciation for opera. In spite of the historical inaccuracies, this movie was completely brilliant! It is still one of my favorite movies to this day! It totally deserved the accolades it gathered!

  38. I-dont-understand-you -please-speak-irish
    I-dont-understand-you -please-speak-irish
    2 napja

    “It was God mocking me!” *dies* -Peter Griffin-

  39. BBall Griot
    BBall Griot
    2 napja

    Mozart, (as depicted in this film, anyway) most certainly knew he was insulting Salieri. In a later scene, Mozart was having fun at a party, and when he was asked to "Do Salieri", Mozart hunched over the keys, making gorilla faces and pounding & banging on the instrument. No doubt, when Mozart was improvising Salieri's music before the Emperor, Mozart's message to Salieri was: YOU BEEN SERVED, BEE-YATCH!!

  40. BBall Griot
    BBall Griot
    2 napja

    To me, it seems as though the relationship between Salieri and Mozart has been borrowed from the Chinese Classic "Romance of The Three Kingdoms". The top strategists of two competing factions were both prodigiously brilliant geniuses, yet one, Zhuge Liang, continuously thwarted and humiliated the other, Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu is depicted as having died due to aggravation over Zhuge Liang's superiority, even questioning the heavens with his dying breath: Oh Heavens, having made Zhou Yu, WHY-Y DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ZHUGE LIANG!?! Salieri = Zhou Yu, Mozart = Zhuge Liang (Kongming)

  41. BBall Griot
    BBall Griot
    2 napja

    LOL!! That look on Salieri's face at the end... LOL!!

  42. Gehms Eliehshar Cruz
    Gehms Eliehshar Cruz
    2 napja

    When he laught he sounded like mickey mouse

  43. Александр Тимский
    Александр Тимский
    2 napja

    Реально -попса галимая.

  44. J J
    J J
    2 napja i the only one that could of sworn that was david dobrik playing mozart lol. Damn right down to the laugh to lmao 😂

  45. Dominick Efrim
    Dominick Efrim
    2 napja

    I thought this was gonna be a disappointment but that dog really did love Pavoratti. Lol

  46. Dane Micele
    Dane Micele
    2 napja

    Oh that laugh... Lol 🤣

  47. Slippery Sloper
    Slippery Sloper
    2 napja

    “The rest is just the same, isn’t it??” Fucking. Savage.

  48. SillyNa Cannada
    SillyNa Cannada
    2 napja

    Thank goodness The Simpson’s set history straight.

  49. W33B LORD
    W33B LORD
    2 napja

    How is there a 60fps option on this video if it was shot in 24 frames per second? I think the extra frames must be procedurally generated because it looks pretty bad.

  50. Em Dee
    Em Dee
    2 napja

    I thought Hulce was robbed and definitely should have gotten the Oscar.

  51. Miss Merrily
    Miss Merrily
    2 napja

    One really great thing about this movie is that at the time of its release it brought Mozart to the attention of so many people who would otherwise never have listened to the music of this genius composer.

  52. Daniel Nicolae Dubei
    Daniel Nicolae Dubei
    2 napja

    The thing that bothers me with this scene from Peter Schaffer's play is that anyone trained in music, from theory to aural skills to composition techniques of the 1700s would also be able to immediately know this melody and the harmonic motion without needing to look at the sheet music. Mozart knowing this melody of Salieri (though the theme is actually Mozart's from one of his operas) is not some fantastical magical thing, but something every trained musician of the 1700s knew how to spot. Salieri himself would not have been bothered by someone saying they knew the piece without having looked at the score. It's in C major with fairly typical harmonic progression. I love this scene overall because it begins the rivalry between the two, and it is so well acted by everyone. But let's not kid ourselves that either composer was shocked that Mozart knew the piece from one listening. The man breathed in music.

  53. gabriel c
    gabriel c
    2 napja

    Hay que crear otra plataforma mejor que HUpac. Me tienen arto con sus anuncios publicitarios. You have to create another platform better than HUpac. They have me sick with their commercials. Will they think that we cannot remove them?

  54. Ed Osborne
    Ed Osborne
    2 napja

    As a musician this hurts. I can’t imagine working on a piece of music to have a person play it, dissect it and rearrange it after only hearing it once.

    1. Drawn to Fashion Illustration art Marta Madison
      Drawn to Fashion Illustration art Marta Madison

      Thus the basis for the film. Those who slave and those who sparkle with no effort.

  55. SoCal Angler
    SoCal Angler
    3 napja

    Mozart's innocence is comparable to Butters on South Park LMFAO

  56. Carlos Garro
    Carlos Garro
    3 napja

    Una de las mejores escenas de todos los tiempos !!

  57. Renegade Ace
    Renegade Ace
    3 napja

    He's like today's child tech prodigies. Happy smiley simple minded with insane talent.

  58. misspandesal
    3 napja

    That dude will forever be bueller's principal.

  59. misspandesal
    3 napja

    This movie was the bomb! Thanks for the excerpt.

  60. DSH
    3 napja

    well there it is

  61. TopitSound
    3 napja

    Mozart had the most interesting life in the shortest amount of time

  62. Javy Espíndola
    Javy Espíndola
    3 napja

    Qué película hermosa!!! me encantó cuando la ví y eso que tenía 6 años... Un genio Mozart!!

  63. Paul Quantum Blues
    Paul Quantum Blues
    3 napja

    Sadly, almost none of this movie is factual. Mozart and Salieri were actually friendly with each other. They composed music together, Mozart performed Salieri's music, kept manuscripts of Salieri's music with him for performance and study, Mozart taught Salieri's daughter how to play piano, and Salieri took care of Mozart's family after he passed away. The reason that Salieri has the reputation that he has is because he openly opposed the monarchy of the time. So, they sought to (and succeeded) in discrediting him by claiming that he was a subpar musician. Unfortunately, that unfair reputation has plagued him until only recently. I should note that when Mozart first moved to Vienna he did have problems with all of the established musicians, as it was a crowded scene and it was a struggle to get noticed. He wrote about this to his father. However, Mozart did establish himself, and that is when his friendship with Salieri began. The movie was still good, but it was a work of fiction.

  64. D A
    D A
    3 napja

    Mozart was the GOAT of opera and new they were making fun of him. So he turned back on them, with his GOAT opera skills.

  65. Rich  Hughes
    Rich Hughes
    3 napja

    To this very day, I cannot hear the name Amadeus mentioned without hearing Falcos hit song playing in the background.

  66. TheMCSavage
    3 napja

    I swear Mozart's laugh (or at least the actor portraying him) gets me EVERY TIME 🤣

  67. Alex Ciuru
    Alex Ciuru
    3 napja

    я так и ге понял, как он его опустил?

  68. Julien G
    Julien G
    3 napja

    Mozart plays an extract of his own Don Giovanni piece.

  69. ZX15
    3 napja

    Loved the movie but not suitable if you wanna learn about these two geniuses.

  70. Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt
    3 napja

    This makes me want to watch the movie

  71. James Is My Friend
    James Is My Friend
    3 napja

    Honest question : Was Mozart really *that* much of a duche?

    1. James Is My Friend
      James Is My Friend

      @Teresa Gardiner yes, I gathered that by the cameras being there that this is not *actually* Mozart himself, but thank you for the clarification. I just mean was this portrayal accurate at all. Peace

    2. Teresa Gardiner
      Teresa Gardiner
      3 napja

      Nah. The film is fiction.

  72. Minbad
    3 napja

    "Graziè Signore!" XD

  73. Inthe Flow
    Inthe Flow
    3 napja

    That laugh is absolutely ridiculous and just over played. Like forced -- nobody would act like that infront of Dukes and Monachs.

  74. Dixon
    4 napja

    🤓😮It is interesting to see the backstory of one of the most famous principals in American history: Emperor Rooney, 8 generations before his great great great great great great great great grandson Ed became Ferris Bueller's principal. 😆😆😆😆

  75. L'Arena del C.A.O.S.
    L'Arena del C.A.O.S.
    4 napja

    Man, what a movie

  76. panda007
    4 napja

    Boomer vs millennial movement in the 18th century.

  77. HereonTubeYou
    4 napja

    Should have picked a better actor for Mozart

  78. Art Maknev
    Art Maknev
    4 napja

    Mozart was like the Skrillex of our age, broke the rules didn't give a f lol

  79. Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior
    4 napja

    At the end of the song it sounded like it was gonna be the tune from Mario when he jumps on the flag lol

  80. Amedeus
    4 napja

    At could see the reflection of Hulce's sweat that rolled down on his face. It must have been boiling hot under that wig especially under all the those movie set lights.

  81. Marcelo Liberman De Loreto
    Marcelo Liberman De Loreto
    4 napja

    This movie is awesome good times those of video store when you bring home a masterpiece and know nothing about it

  82. Lars Frosz Nielsen
    Lars Frosz Nielsen
    4 napja

    Priceless scene..... I really don't know how many times I've seen that movie. I think it's the most flattering, amazing, maybe true, story about Mozart.....most of it anyway...

  83. Luigi Usai
    Luigi Usai
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  84. Andreas Ek
    Andreas Ek
    4 napja

    8:53 He almost lost it after that laugh from whoever is playing mozart hahaha

  85. sunrise
    4 napja

    Mozart: That doesn’t really work, does it? Salieri: Exactly my point, young man.

  86. Ser Bonkers
    Ser Bonkers
    4 napja

    They have funny hair

  87. sándor nagy
    sándor nagy
    4 napja

  88. scrapplefish
    4 napja

    Rooney Eats It

  89. Zeitlichkeit
    4 napja

    Love this movie. I own it, have watched it several times, and I still just watched this scene entirely. Great film. A true classic!

  90. Princezz Puffypants
    Princezz Puffypants
    4 napja

    Hey! I forgot the pedophile was in this movie! Love the film, anyway.

  91. Roberto richardsen
    Roberto richardsen
    4 napja

    i wonder if all the 1.8k thumbs down persons are all def ;-)

  92. เจี๊ยบ พากิน
    เจี๊ยบ พากิน
    4 napja


    4 napja

    The origins of a Hater

  94. Joe Minor
    Joe Minor
    4 napja

    BEST MOVIE SCENE EVER!!!!!! Only an Aquarius.

  95. SHADE
    4 napja

    Can things get slower? Or just wanting for attention?

  96. Shamshiri
    4 napja

    The title is perfectly insecure the way salieri would’ve seen it, as an insult instead of a friendly improvement without intention or malice

  97. James Daniel
    James Daniel
    4 napja

    In the movie Salieri laments that God gave this upstart the ability to write as if taking dictation from God while only allowing Salieri to hear the results.

  98. Lito Lambanog
    Lito Lambanog
    4 napja

    Okay switch to search mode(Mozart) 😎

  99. TiGGowich
    4 napja

    I remember watching this and all I could think was "what a shit movie"

  100. Pete Smith
    Pete Smith
    4 napja

    I’ve watched this every time it pops up. I love it.