Ancient city of Petra, Jordan. Aerial 360 video in 8K. Virtual travel

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Don't forget that this is 360 video: you can change the angle of view. We invite you on a virtual journey to Petra, the ancient and mysterious city in Jordan. Since the 2nd millennium BC, Petra had been the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom and the intersection of the main commercial routes between the East and the West.

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    Indiana Jones 1000/2021

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    Marhaba?...I was there personally when Ive worked in Aqaba power plants. Wonderful work of ancient cultures. Im from Philippines.....


    Magic Carpet😁

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    We Princess Dr. Nuchanat Arthan
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    ماريسا سوكوسول تدعم الأميرة الدكتورة نوشانات أرهون. سأعيد الأموال إلى العرابين الملك ساداس هون سين والأمير هادساس هون سين.

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    Hindu culture

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    Sunita agrawal

    I always wanted to visit Petra but unfortunately couldn't। while watching this video it felt like as if I am there experiencing wandering just like tourist, thanks for tour

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    One of the places I'm interested in seeing by my own eyes.

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    Rome murdered people in every town that they conquered

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    Jean Sindhikara
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    Petra is amazing, but I would have liked a more coherent production. I felt that the camera jumped from one spot to another. If you have a 360 degree camera, why not use it for the video instead of showing what is essentially a series of still shots?

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    Wow! I didn't that the temple of the holy grail from *Indiana Jones* is located in Petra! Thank you for the presentation!

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    I wish it will show more of Petra at night. Does the Jordan pass work for both day and night entry to the Treasury? is there more video around Petra or Wadi Rum? From other documentary, the structures were all carved from the top to bottom, as they completed the structures, all the holes drilled to support the plank for the carvers were erased. Also, as they chipped the rocks, it made a natural slop from the broken rocks, so eventually they didn't need leaders to stood on when they slowly completed their work.

  74. Mr. 3629ark
    Mr. 3629ark
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    This is the city of 'ad who was punished by Allah, for a more detailed story please read the Quran, peoples 'ad is the descendant of Adam who has a height of 27 cubits and likes to carve mountains

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